Shure 565SD Classic Unisphere Vocal Microphone Review

So today the final part of “Classic” microphone line from good guys Shure and today it is iconic vocal microphone Shure 565SD. 

As well as other mic from this line this model is similar with the original model which were used everywhere, not only on the most famous scenes and festivals (Woodstock for example), a lot of people all over the world used this model in public places and especially at their own houses when karaoke systems boomed the market. Sometime after SM58 was released and it was based on the concept of 565SD. So today it is vocal legend, today it is 565SD. As usual let’s start with technical specifications. 


Microphone Type: Dynamic (with moving coil)
Polar Pattern: Cardioid  
Frequency rate: from 50Hz up to 15000Hz 
Output Impedance: EIA rated at 150Ω (250Ω actual)
Sensitivity: L −56.0dBV/Pa (1.6mV)   H −34.0dBV/Pa (20mV)
Form Factor: Handheld 
Switch: On/Off switch that can be locked 
Housing: Chrome-plated die casting with steel mesh grille 
Weight: 298 grams (0.656 lbs)

Shure 565SD Overall Build & Design 

An overall external and internal concept is rather similar to 545SD but there are some differences. This microphone looks more commonplace and a bit more elegant all because of its spherical pop filter. As well as 545SD model this guy is super tough and it will be difficult task to damage it seriously. The filter is durable too, wire-mesh grille keeps the durability mark. We even don’t recommend you buy case for it if you are going to transport it, just keep connecter in clean place and you are good to go. So external design is solid and looks like pure classic. 

As 545SD it is rather monolithic structure, and there is only one switch on the shell which is magnetic (it will switch silently). And of course it is lockable. Also Shure 565SD has selectable dual-impedance option. Information about changing the impedance you can find in microphone user guide.  

Couple of words about mount swivel from package bundle. This kind of mounting is used everywhere now so it will not be a problem to find good stand for it. We can reccomend Samson MK-10 Boom Stand as it’s the most popular reliable and cheap stand. As an additional accessory we can offer you Shure A58WS Ball Type Windscreen to prevent unwanted breath and wind noise outdoors.

Sound Quality

The feature that really differ this mic from less expensive version is its grille pop filter that guarantees crystal sound from the source and from nowhere else, what makes this model ideal for every purpose which is related with speaking or singing. Frequency response is too curved, which is a feature of “Unisphere I Cartridge” built-in this microphone. Looking at frequency response and listening to audio examples we can conclude that this microphone will saturate your recording with warm harmonics, wich is especially perfect for live vocals and karaoke. Of course for studio solutions you need to use another mic models with more smooth frequency response, but using Shure 565SD in studio session you can get a sound filled with additional harmonics and use this tip as an art idea. 

Here you can check some audio examples of Shure 565SD recordings

Shure 565SD vs Shure SM58

Comparing Shure 565SD and Shure Sm58, we would like to start with their prices. Both microphones belong to the same price range – mics before 100$. The main difference of this microphones is their sound. 565SD is more saturated with harmonics, while SM58 has more smooth sound on all frequency range with upbeat on 2000Hz to 7500Hz. You can hear the difference if you’ll hear it attentively (we have audio example with comparison). The difference in sound is connected with the built-in microphone cartridges, for example Unisphere I Cartridge provided in Shure 565SD, R59 Cartridge provided in Shure SM58. Moreover, microphones have different frequency response, which is significantly different from each other as you can see on image from comparison table. Also Shure SM58 is available in four package bundles to choose from. You can read our article about Shure SM58 here and get more information about features and listen to more audio examples.

Shure 565SD Shure SM58
Polar Pattern Cardioid Cardioid
Element Type Dynamic (moving coil) Dynamic (moving coil)
Frequency Response 50Hz to 15000Hz
Frequency Response on Scheme
50Hz to 15000Hz
Frequency Response on Scheme
Sensitivity L: −56.0dBV/Pa (1.6 mV)
H: −34.0dBV/Pa (20 mV)
-54.5dBV/Pa (1.85 mV)
Pros Warm Sound for Live Vocals & Karaoke
Effective Grille Pop Filter
Switchable Dual Impedance
Chrome Plated Metal Housing
Price / Quality
Perfect for Live Vocal, Karaoke, Speech, Harmonica
Smooth Frequensy Response with upbeat on 2kHz to 7.5kHz
Effective Grille Pop Filter
Dark Gray Metal Housing
Available in Four Package Bundle Variations
Price / Quality
Cons  Not for Studio Solutions  –
Check the Price

Three Reasons to Buy

  1. Perfect solution for karaoke, live vocals (from small room to club with capacity of 3 thousand people).
  2. Price / Quality. For this price you get a microphone with excellent design & overall build. Moreover, metal housing and metal grill pop-filter provides device durability.
  3. For your microphone collection on studio, in case you want to receive sound saturated with warm vintage notes.

Final Verdict 

Another classical model, another really good model from Shure. Many years of successful utilization proved the quality of sound of this microphone. All these features makes it excellent choice for sophisticated home users and for usage in public places. The mixture of good performance and elegant time-tested design put this model on the same level with iconic 55. So don’t hesitate to choose 565.

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Global Shure 565SD Rating
  • Sound Recording Quality - 7.6/10
  • Overall Build & Features - 7.5/10
  • Design - 8/10