Shure SM48 Vocal Microphone Review

Today is the day, because we are going to review the cheapest Shure SM48 microphone, but still this review will be positive.

Widely known SM series of mics by Shure have proved hundreds of times that they are the best choice for both professionals and amateurs. Today’s review, without a doubt, will be more useful for amateur singers, mediocre lecturers and abbots. Our object of review is Shure SM48, pure classic for all members of your family (your dad loves karaoke, we know it). Traditional mic needs to be reviewed in traditional manner so let us start with technical specifications.


Microphone Type: Dynamic (R136 Cartridge)
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: from 55Hz up to 14000Hz
Impedance: 150Ω (270Ω actual)
Output Level: -57.5 dBV/Pa (1.3 mV)
Connector: Three-Pin Professional Audio (XLR Male)
Form Factor: Handheld
Housing: Plastic with Steel Grill
Net Weight: 370 grams
Size: L 166mm x W 54.2mm

Shure SM48 Overall Build & Features

There is no need to describe this design in details, because everyone knows it. Classical handheld microphone with no buttons on it (if it is not SM48S, cause this version has on\off switch). Dark plastic, which is kinda hard to brake, but we do not recommend you drop it to find out.

The higher part has even more iconic design. Spheric pop filter that can reduce unwanted noises and standard steel grill that have proved its durability. We want to warn you about spheric pop filter. It’s not so good as you might think, noise reduction is too weak, so without additional pop filter this microphone will catch unwanted breaths and noises quite often. As an optional pop filter we can reccomend you Shure A58WS Windscreen. It costs only couple of dollars but will greatly enhance unwanted noise reduction.

There are several versions of this mic on the market: one of them (SM48) includes universal stand adapter (you can be sure that this mic will be suitable to mount almost every stand or boom arm.) and zippered pouch (cause no one likes dust on their devices). Another version Shure SM48S has lockable On/Off switch, we’ve already mentioned it. Also brand Shure released SM48W – it’s limited edition version in white housing, but it very hard to find this microphone on the market nowadays. And always bear in mind that Shure provides dozens of accessories (clips, mounts, windscreens) to brighten your experience.

Sound Quality

The averageness of design characteristics repeats here in sound specs but we cannot say that it is too bad cause one thing you need to worry about when you buy cheap mic is quality and there are no problems with quality when we are talking about Shure. This model has cardioid polar pattern, classical feature to provide good gain, and construction also reduces feedback after mechanical impact. Shock-mounted cartridge reduces handling noise here. Frequency response works best with vocals as it has uplift from 2kHz to 9kHz, but can also handle some mid frequencies and bass.

Here you can check audio example recorded with Shure SM48 (with optional A58WS Windscreen)

Shure SM48 vs Shure SM58

According to numerous reader requests and requests from search engines we’ll compare Shure SM48 and Shure SM58. Saying the truth, there is no sense to compare these microphone models, as they are differ in all options. Of course SM58 is more flexible in recording and has brighter sound than SM48. Shure SM48 is a microphone for people, who want just to sing in karaoke / live or or use it for simple tasks such as voice recording, and not have to worry about the quality, as it will be suitable for such tasks. While Shure SM58 provides better sound quality and an extended range of tasks, for example: using in the halls, churches, clubs, outdoor festivals – where a large number of people, and of course for studio recording solutions. You can read our review on the Shure SM58 and get an idea which mic will be better for your tasks.

Final Verdict

Each person who wants to buy mic has some reasons for it. This reasons, as a rule, do not require technical specs which are above ones, that this microphone has. So there is no doubt that this mic will be good choice for people who needs quality microphone for more than acceptable price.

But there is another side of a medal. If you are reading this review on our website that means, that you know about mics more than mediocre buyer and respectively you need more professional device. In this case this mic is not for you, so check out another reviews to find out what is the best device for you.

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Global Shure SM48 Rating
  • Sound Recording Quality - 6.5/10
  • Overall Build & Features - 6.5/10
  • Design - 6.5/10