Shure SM63 Handheld Microphone Review

Shure line SM have already demonstrated performers, broadcasters and other people for whom microphone is indispensable device its impeccable quality and design that is why there is no need to repeat this thing over and over again. Today the object of our review is Shure SM63, that is not the cheapest microphone you’ve heard about but it is definitely worth its price and in this article we will try to prove it. But first things first, let us start with numbers and nerdy words a.k.a technical specifications.


Microphone Type: Dynamic
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Frequency Response: from 80Hz up to 20000Hz
Impedance: rated at 150Ω Ohms (298Ω Ohms actual)
Output Level: -56.5dBV/Pa (1.5mV)
Form Factor: Handheld
Connection: Three-pin professional audio (XLR Male)
Dimensions: L 144.5mm (5-11/16in.) x W 32 mm (1-1/4in.)
Length with Extended Handle: 233mm (9-3/16in.)
Net Weight: 99 grams without cable (124 grams in LB version)

Shure SM63 Overall Build

The external design of this mic looks really impressive. Thick and round forms corroborate price of this mic. Moreover, it lays perfectly in hand and looks really elegant while mounted on stand. It is also convenient to use it making interviews because of its neat design.

Elegancy is not the only advantage of this microphone but also durability. It is almost impossible to brake it if it falls from the height of person’s hand. Special Veraflex grill & aluminum housing do its job just right, you can also use this tough guy under rain because it is immune to corrosion and you can be sure that the insides will not be damaged. SM63L and SM63LB (longer model for interviews) are also supplied with additional pop-filter to improve recording quality outdoors.

This microphone available in two color schemes: Shure SM63 & SM63L – Silver housing with white grill; Shure SM63LB – completely black colored. SM63 also have supplied snap-in stand adapter and swivel adapter so you could use it with traditional stands and boom arms. For better outdoor recording experience, we recommend you to buy Foam Windscreen to prevent wind noise.

And Shure did not forget to give us storage bag for this handsome.

Sound QualityShure SM63 Frequency Response

Sound quality of SM63 are another good reason to buy it. Praiseworthy frequency response, impedance and Hum pickup are augmented with shock mount system to neutralize handling noise. Integral pop filter almost perfectly reduces breath noise. Humbucking coil is engineered specially for virtual immunity to strong electromagnetic hum fields. Frequency response is pretty wide from 80Hz to 20kHz. As you can see on picture there is a downhill from 300Hz to 40Hz – to prevent unwanted low-frequency noises, and uplifts on interval of 2000Hz to 20kHz – which designed especially for speech that makes this mic ideal for interviewers, reporters, television, public speeches etc.

Unfortunately, we could not find audio examples for you, but looking at a few examples from the interviews and after a long time spent on the forums we can safely say that this microphone has perfect sound quality for speech. We honestly give to Shure SM63 9 / 10 points in sound quality category.

Three Reasons to Buy

  1. One of the best microphones for interviews, reporters, video broadcast and speech on the market.
  2. Price / Quality. For this price you’ll get a microphone with perfect sound quality and durability. You can find offers below market prices on Amazon, because there aren’t so many units of this microphone nowadays.
  3. Overall Build & Design. This microphone combines many patented Shure features, which clearly will help you in the process of use.

Final Verdict on Shure SM63

Shure SM63 is truly universal microphone because for its money dollars it provides professional sound quality and dew to its design characteristics it is suitable for using almost for every circumstances by people with different occupations. We highly recommend this microphone for you if you are a journalist or you work as a reporter. And we recommend this mic for you twice higher if you already know what is Shure and why people all around globe loves it so much.


  • High output gain
  • Perfect sound quality / Frequency response tailord for speech
  • Built-in pop filter will help to make your speach more clear
  • Humbucking coil reduce hum from electromagnetic fields
  • VERAFLEX grille & aluminum houseing provides durability
  • Pneumatic shock-mount system minimizes handling noise 
  • Comfortable hand-held use


  • After reading a lot of comments on different forums, we came to the conclusion that many people don’t like silver & white color scheme, in consequence they severely underestimating product rating. So we recommend to buy a black color mic. Of course tastes differ, therefore decide for yourself.
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Global Shure SM63 Rating
  • Sound Recording Quality - 9/10
  • Overall Build & Features - 8/10
  • Design - 7.5/10