Shure SM93 / WL93 Review – Condenser Lavalier Microphone

Let’s jump straight to another microphone by Shure SM line – Shure SM93. Today we will take a glance at lavalier stuff which will serve reporters, politicians and other big shots, so today is not your day, shaggy guitar player, better check out another review…Wait, if you read this article, you are thinking about buying this mic no matter who you are…Well, okay, stay here and let’s go to the specs at last!


Type: Condenser
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Frequency Response: 80Hz to 20,000Hz, 12dB / octave roll off below 100Hz
Impedance: 150Ω Ohms (90Ω actual)
Output Level: –43dBV/Pa (7.0mV)
Output Clipping Level: –18dBV (0.13V) minimum
Maximum SPL: 120dB
Power Options: 11 to 52VDC phantom power
Operating Temperatures: –18o to 57o C (0o to 135o F)
Storage Temperatures: –29o to 74o C (-20o to 165o F)
Cable: Black 1.27m (4.17ft), miniature connector type TA4F
Form Factor: Lavalier with preamplifier
Microphone Housing: Black ABS thermoplastic case with stainless-steel-mesh grille Preamplifier: Steel case with non-reflective black finish, black-chrome belt clip
Weight: Microphone 16 grams (0.57oz) / Preamplifier 118 grams (4.17oz)

Overall Build

It is kind of a strange to talk about design of microphone that should not be noticed at all that is why today we are going to talk mostly about comfort of exploitation.

The good and bad news is that Shure SM93 has preamp, and it is not that small as mic itself. However, Shure was not Shure if they had not engineered simple yet effective clips: you can fix microphone and preamplifier almost wherever you want on your body. Exploitation conditions allows you to use it in every situation, you, crazy reporter. But if the wind is too strong and your mic is not under cloth you’d better buy Shure RK355WS Windscreens and Shure RK307DB tie clips.

Always remember, this kind of mics should always have phantom power supplier, as its condenser microphone! So, we recommend to check phantom power support of your recorder before buying this lavalier mic. In fact, this is not such a big problem as the Shure SM93 supports a wide phantom power range from 11 to 52Vdc and supports DIN and IEC phantom power standards. If you use this microphone without Shure preamp, phantom power requirements are reduced from 2 to 10Vdc. We recommend you to purchase the Tascam DR-22WL as it’s the cheapest Tascam recorder with XLR connection, phantom power support for Shure WL93 and studio recording quality 24bit / 96kHz.

We think that other things should not be mentioned. It is handy reliable microphone.

Sound Quality

Sound characteristics of this mic provide clear sound comparable to larger microphones and they are slightly above average. Shure, as usual, added some pleasing features, that makes their mic not good but great.

Extended frequency response from 80Hz to 20kHz with uplift on the range from 3kHz to 18kHz (as you can see on picture from comparison table) tailored for reporting, interviews, television broadcasting, theater, video production and for everything which is connected with speech. Omnidirectional polar pattern will catch any note of your voice and reject mechanical vibrations, you can also turn your head as you want without worrying about signal loss. Another great feature is low-frequency rolloff which reduce unwanted low frequency room and clothing noise. Also preamplifier from the package bundle makes your sound better, enhancing the output signal. In our audio examples you can hear how this microphone reduces wind noise and you can hear comparison in wind noise reduction with Sony Shotgun microphone.

There are some unpleasant features. As this microphone use omnidirectional polar pattern its undesirable to use it in small rooms, as it will capture reflected sound waves from the walls. Of course frequency roll-off feature will reduce some reflected noise but only on low frequency range.

Here you can check out some audio examples of Shure SM93

Shure WL93 specifications and differences between Shure SM93

Shure WL93 model is the same mic as Shure SM93, but without preamplifier. There is no difference between them. Output signal of Shure WL93 is lower as in SM93 because there is no preamplifier in package bundle. Also lack of preamp can play in your favor as it will reduce the consumption of phantom power (2 to 10Vdc) that will allow you to use Shure WL93 with a large number of devices, then this absence slightly affects on frequency response (you can compare the images in the table below). Shure WL93 is made in four variations which differs from each other in cable length and color scheme of microphone, accessories:

  • SM93 / WL93 1.2m (4ft.) – black matte color
  • WL93-6 1.8m (6ft.) – black matte color
  • WL93T 1.2m (4ft.) – tan matte color
  • WL93-6T 1.8m (6ft.) – tan matte color

We have already mentioned that this lavalier mic has TA4F type connector, in case if you want to connect it to XLR input you need to buy TA4F to XLR adapter.

Shure SM93 (with preamplifier) Shure WL93
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional Omnidirectional
Element Type Condenser Condenser
Frequency Response 80Hz to 20000Hz (12dB/octave rolloff below 100Hz)
Frequency Response on Scheme
50Hz to 20000Hz
Frequency Response on Scheme
Output Level –43dBV/Pa (7.0mV) –38dBV/Pa (13mV)
Output Clipping Level –18dBV(0.13V) minimum 0.25V at 120dB
Impedance 150Ω ohms (90Ω ohms actual) 3000Ω ohms
Operating Voltage 11V to 52V phantom 2V to 1 V; 5V nominal
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Three Reasons to Buy:

  1. As this is condenser mic it gives you an advantage in sound clarity, comparing with dynamic microphones.
  2. There are five variations on the market convenient in the color scheme, length of cable and price range.
  3. One of the best professional lavalier microphones designed for television broadcasting, reporters, interviews, video production, youtubers, theatre and in some cases for recording instruments.

Final verdict

SM93 is really good microphone but price is the problem. Honestly, if you need just good recorded sound of your report, lecture. etc. WL93 will be just more than enough but if you need professional quality sound then mic like SM93 is not enough unfortunately, so we just could not define portrait of SM93 mediocre user. If you need microphone like WL93, but you want to have preamp in your pocket and you have spare money to spend – this mic is ideal for you.

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Global Shure SM93 Rating
  • Sound Recording Quality - 8.3/10
  • Overall Build & Features - 9/10
  • Design - 8/10