Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Microphone Review

Today we are taking a glance on the other Shure 55 legend from the “Classic” product line, and it is the elder brother of 55SH, so let’s start. Vocal microphone Shure Super 55 Deluxe edition is the mixture construction of the original model from good old third decade of twentieth century. This mic is enhanced version of 55SH with improved technical specs and at the same time it is heritage of 75 years old design which your grandparents may have seen on a live concert of Elvis Presley and which was in front of the Rolling Stones while performing their greatest hits in the record studio. God bless Shure for designing this masterpiece so five generations of musicians, broadcasters, politicians and their fans could enjoy this unparalleled sound. But let’s go back to present time and start our review and as usual technical specs first.


Type: Dynamic (with moving coil)
Frequency Rate: from 60Hz up to 17000 Hz
Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
Output Impedance: EIA rated at 150Ω (290Ω actual)
Sensitivity: −53.0 dBV/Pa (1 Pascal=94 dB SPL)
Connection Type: XLR
Housing: Chrome Plated Die Casting
Size: 100mm x 55.6mm x 77.8mm
Net Weight: 656gram (1.45lb)
Package Bundle: Shure Super 55, Zippered Storage Bag, Swivel Stand Mount

Shure Super 55 Overall Build & Design

It does not really make sense speaking about this design because everyone knows it, even people who has no even basic knowledge of microphone industry, but it is our duty to remind you another time that if you see it you actually are facing a legend. The overall build of this mic is fully chrome plated desktop microphone brand logo in front of it. Structure looks elegant and solid but we don’t recommend you transport it without a bag which is included in set. Also you can look at Atlas Sound MS-10C Chrome Stand, as an optional accessory (this stand will perfectly match the Shure Super 55 style).

This microphone also is suitable for blasting live performance because it has swivel mount which allows you to tilt it over the range of 125 degrees and also important thing is that almost every mic stand and boom arm is suitable for that type of mount. But unlike 55SH there is no on/off knob on the lower part of mic so it will now turn off during live performance and singers would be pleased with that feature, but (###ch please) anyone would be pleased to own this Adam with trendy haircut of microphone world.

Sound Quality

It is reasonable to compare performance characteristics with cheaper model of the ‘classic’ line, 55SH. First of all, this mic has supercardioid polar pattern. It means that deluxe model has better prevention against feedback and the source of sound should be right in front of the mic but it gives you crystal quality of sound with vintage notes.

Here You Can Check Some Recorded Audio Examples of Shure Super 55

Shure Super 55 vs Heil Sound The Fin

We have already compared Shure Super 55 with Shure 55SH and Shure SM58, you can find this comparison in this article. Now it’s time to compare Shure Super 55 with Heil Sound the Fin, as these microphones are in same price range and have similar retro-vintage look. Just want to note, that the microphone from Shure sounds better and cleaner than the mic from Heil Sound, despite the similar frequency response, we believe its conditioned by the Shure company’s extensive experience in the manufacture of microphones. But we want to note that the microphone from the Hale Sound will look at live performance / stage more attractively thanks to the LED lights. Both microphones cases made in retro vintage style, but with a huge difference in overall build. Tastes differ, so we can’t exactly say which one is better.

Shure Super 55 Heil Sound The Fin
Polar Pattern Supercardioid Cardioid
Element Type Dynamic Dynamic
Frequency Response 60Hz to 17000Hz
Frequency Response on Scheme
50Hz to 18000Hz
Frequency Response on Scheme
Sensitivity −53.0 dBV/Pa -55 dBV/Pa
Pros Great Sound Quality
Supercardioid Plar Pattern-
high gain befoure feedback
Signature Chrome Plated Body
Perfect Sound Quality
Chrome Body in Vinatage Style with LED Lamps
Available in Three Versions
Good Package Bundle (Comes with Massive Case)
Cons There is no Case in the Package Bundle for Transporting
(Only Shure Leather Bag)
Required 48V Phantom Power for LED Lamps
Check the Price

Final Verdict

This mic demonstrates right tactic not only in microphone business but also in average life because as Sigmund Freud said “The only person with whom you have to compare yourself is you in the past.” And indeed Shure looks on their own iconic model and makes it better every time.

There is no question of should you buy this mic or not. The answer is obvious. The question is which one should you buy and we assume you that if you have couple hundred of dollars spend it on extended version of Unidyne model to have not the better but the best mic experience of your life.

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Global Shure Super 55 Rating
  • Sound Recording Quality - 9.8/10
  • Overall Build & Features - 9/10
  • Design - 9.5/10