Top 15 Best Microphone Stands for Home and Studio

Stands for microphone are specially designed to firmly secure the microphone under a specific angle and at a desired height. The singer has free hands, which can be used for playing, for example, guitar. Moreover, without microphone stands it is impossible to voice or record a drum set or other musical equipment. And, of course, it is an indispensable device for recording vocals and instruments at studio. So, we decided to make top 15 Best Microphone Stands for our readers.

The types of MIC stands:

Classic Microphone Boom Stands. Perhaps, today it is the most common and practical type of microphone stand which is most commonly used by singers, speakers on stage and for recording vocals and instruments at studios. They are available in diverse options and designs. For example, there are models with folding and height-adjustable legs, with a weighted base, etc. But mostly they have a base with 3 or 4 legs (tripod type of base). As for functionality, you are not limited here. You can adjust the height of stand and angle of the microphone, rotating 360 degrees and setting a convenient angle. Classic Microphone Boom Stands are often made of light but durable materials, ensuring the reliability of the whole structure.

Flat Microphone Stand. Generally, these microphone stands are used for live vocal performances. They have only height adjustment, they have no tilt angle and they often have a round weighted type of base, but a flat microphone stand can also have a tripod type of base. In some situations, a round weighted base can be very useful, for example, on the stage it takes up very little space which allows the singer or speaker to move freely around the stage without touching stand legs. This type of stands will look perfect with vintage microphones such as Shure 55SH. This combination you have seen for sure in old movies of the 50-ies – 70-ies. It is important that flat microphone stands are durable as they cannot break (there’s just nothing to break).

Low Profile Microphone Boom Stands. For recording musical instruments, it is applied shortcut analogues of Classic Microphone Boom Stands, which also has a height and tilt adjusters (for example, to record a drum barrel or toms, or to record cello). As for a base, it can be of different types: tripod base type, round base type or a weighted base of any shape. But for recording musical instruments you can also do without a shortened stand as they all can be set to any angle – at least all variants from our list.

Desktop Microphone Stand for Table Surface. Unfortunately, in this list we have not included many table stands, but you can see some of the best options available on the market. Table microphone stand can be adjusted for height and angle depending on the type of stand. Table stands are divided into two types: tripod desktop stands (or they have a small round weighted base) and scissor boom arm stands. For the second type, we have a very long article, which you can find on our website and pick a perfect scissor boom arm stand. We just want to note that the trip table stands (or stands with round base) take some place on your desk this stand for microphone can “interfere”, for instance, with your computer mouse, keyboard or other device, while scissor boom arm stand is attached to the side of the table and does not occupy much of your desk space because the microphone is in the air.

How to Pick the Best Microphone Stand

Budget. As for microphone stands in this situation it does not work: “the more expensive the better”, as all manufacturers have learned to produce a quality product, and you will easily be able to buy a microphone stand, which is worth several tens of dollars and it will serve you for a very long time – at least 7 years. Here plays a slightly different rule if you are going to purchase a stand for a dynamic microphone in handheld format or you are going to buy a stand under a studio condenser microphone (up to 1kg), then you will only need a very simple stand in the price range of 15$ to 30$. If you have an exclusive, expensive and premium studio microphone (for example, such as Neumann mic), then you should get the premium stand (you will find these in the first three positions on our list), and unfortunately, you will have to pay about hundred dollars for this accessory. As stands of professional segment can withstand very heavy microphones and not sink under their weight, providing good durability, while stands of low price categories will successfully cope with light microphones weighing up to 1kg. Therefore, to buy the stand you will only need 20 – 30$.

Intended Use. In our list, you will find microphone stoics for live performances, studio recordings and professionals (microphone stands are used in many top recording studios). Almost half stands from our list can be used simultaneously for both live performances and at the same time for studio work. If you need a stand for desktop use (for example, if you record podcasts or want to use a desk stand for gaming, voice chat or Skype), then in this case we have a separate article Top 15 Best Suspension Arm Microphone Stands for desk surface or you will find a couple of table stands in this list.

Accessories. Do not forget that for attaching a microphone to the stand you will need additional accessories such as microphone clip mount for handheld microphones, shock mount microphone holder for studio microphones. Typically, mounts and holders are already supplied with your microphone. Also, you may need a pop filter if you buy a microphone stand for a studio – in this case we have an article about 15 Best Pop Filters on the market. Also, there are so many useful accessories which will be very useful for your microphone – you can read about them under the bonus section at the end of our article.

Currently, selecting the correct type of microphone stand is limited only by the situation in which you want to apply this accessory and your budget. However, whether a simple table ones or design models of exclusive construction – all they need to effectively deal with its main task, which is to secure the equipment and to damp vibrations. Selecting a stand, you must pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the stand’s height, the presence of functional attachments for mounting individual holders. The latter quality is essential for owners of different microphones. Not last role is played by the reliability of the locking of the joints. Because of vibrations during a performance, very few people enjoy. We hope that you will be able to avoid these problems after reading our article about best microphone stands.

Here Are 15 Best Microphone Stands

Before making a list of best microphone stands, our editorial team has studied many reviews on online stores from users, and we also relied on our experience with microphone stands. We hope you can pick up a microphone stand, which is perfect for your situation and your needs. If you think we forgot to mention any device – please write us about it in the comments section and we will expand our article.

15. On Stage MS7700B

Our list opens a stand with a tripod type of base from the company On Stage. On Stage is in the USA and has been manufacturing musical instruments, accessories for musical instruments, microphone stands and stands for various musical instruments for 36 years. And we have no doubt about the quality MS7700B, just want to note that this is not the first and not the last stand from On Stage in our list. Even though this stand is primitive in design, On Stage MS7700B has many interesting design features. The stand height is adjustable from 36” (90cm) to 63” ft. (1.6 m). Threaded upper shaft is 5/8’ which is suitable for every standard microphone holder, shock mount. This On Stage stand has folding legs and every leg has rubber tips to improve adhesion with the floor. As a nice addition, this stand has a holder for a cable. And of course, the best part of On Stage MS7700B is its price, this is probably the cheapest of flat microphone stand type in our list.

14. Samson MK-10 and World Tour MS7

Samson MK-10 is one of the most popular stands in the world from a well-known manufacturer of microphones Samson Technologies. Samson MK-10 has a tripod type of base and is made of light metal allowing you to easily transport the stand, all the components and details of very high quality. The stand is telescoping and min height is 26” (66cm) and max height with top bar is 70” (1.8 m). There is also a clip holder for handheld microphones in the package and there is a cable clip on the stand. This stand is very cheap, about the same price as On Stage MS7700B, making Samson MK-10 the cheapest stand in the section of microphone boom stands. As we have no doubt about the quality of this product, this stand will last you a very long time. You can read a very large amount of positive feedback on the Amazon store. Perhaps, this is the most practical option for studio and live recording. If you want the stand to be more higher and of the same quality and type then you need World Tour MS7. Its maximum length without top bar is 63” (1.5 m) and with a top bar to 90” (2.3 m). The price for World Tour MS7 is the same as on Samson MK-10. Links on these stands we leave at the bottom.

13. Hamilton SR610121B

Hamilton SR610121B is one of the cheapest and high quality low profile stands today, with an excellent ratio price/quality. Hamilton SR610121B is perfect for recording and voicing drum barrel, cello and other musical instruments. We believe that every studio should have a low-profile stance in its arsenal, so Hamilton SR610121B is a perfect solution for home recording studios, pro studios and for stage. As for the functionality, the size of boom arm is 15” (38cm) and the stand is adjustable from 11” (28cm) to 17” (43cm). Unfortunately, this bar is only available at Amazon and there you will be able to find a large amount of positive reviews about this stand.

12. Ammoon MS-12 Table Tripod Stand

Table stand Ammoon MS-12 is the cheapest table stand in our list from the Chinese manufacturer Ammoon. As for the quality of this stand, even though it is produced in China, all parts look high quality. So, almost all components and parts of fasteners are of metal which provides good durability. We have included this stand in our list as compared with other table stands with tripod type of base it will not turn your microphone because of its sophisticated design (most tripod table stands cannot cope with the weight of the microphone and the consequence of the fall can damage your expensive microphone). The stand height is 6.6” (17cm) and unfortunately, it is not regulated. Also included is a 5/8 Male to 3/8 Female adapter that will allow you to attach any microphone holder. Every tripod leg has a rubber tip which prevents slipping of the stand on the desk surface.

11. On Stage Stands MS7701B

On Stage Stands MS7701B is a second stand from the company On Stage on our list. Compared to Samson MK-10, the stand On Stage Stands MS7701B is made of slightly better materials and has higher maximum height (36”/90cm – 63”/1.7 m without top bar and the max height is 90”/2.2 m with top bar). But unfortunately, On Stage Stands MS7701B is a few dollars more expensive than Samson MK-10. Also, On Stage Stands MS7701B is available in two color variants: black, chrome. It has the status “BEST SELLER” on Amazon store with very good rating and positive feedback.

10. On Stage MS7201B

As you can see the company On Stage took our list, as they are the leading company in the production of microphone stands with 36 years of experience. On Stage MS7201B is a classic flat type microphone stand with heavy round base which is great for stage performance, as this type of stand will not interfere with the movements on stage and you will not touch the front foot. On Stage MS7201B is 34” – 60” (86cm – 152cm) in height and available in the color schemes: black, white, chrome. The base diameter is 9” (22cm) and has rubber padding for reduction of mechanical impacts or any vibrations.

9. Samson MB1

Samson MB1 is a low base mic stand of mid-range price. Samson MB1, compared to Hamilton SR610121B, has not so many differences, but they do exist. For example, Samson MB1 has a slightly different base: weighted legs are made of metal, which allows the stand hold tightly its position. Then Samson MB1 has telescoping top bar, which increases the operating range of the stand (for example, you can record the kick drum to your drum set and with the same success you can reach volumes). Height without boom arm (from floor to boom arm) adjusts from 16” (40cm) to 21” (52cm), the telescoping boom arm has height from 15” (38cm) to 28” (71cm), so the max height is 44” (1.1 m). You can also use a Samson MB1 as a desktop stand if your work surface has enough space. Also, there is included a microphone holder for handheld types of microphones. As for the price, the Samson MB1 is more expensive about 10 $ than Hamilton SR610121B. Samson MB1 is a great low profile stand and it deservedly gets to our list.

8. Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200

The stands from Ultimate Support get in the list because of its excellent ratio price/quality, particularly Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200. The company Ultimate Support appeared on the market recently and produces solely the stands for music instruments and stands for pro audio equipment, rack cases, acoustic wall panels and other studio/music equipment accessories. Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200 stand is made of quality materials and has durable metal die-casting housing. The stand height without top bar adjusts from 40” (101cm) to 68” (173cm). Telescoping boom arm has adjustable height from 19.5” (48cm) to 34.5” (86cm). So, the maximum height of this stand is 98” (250cm). Also, there are available several variations of this model: straight with tripod base, with telescoping boom, with fixed boom length, low profile with telescoping boom and low profile with fixed boom length. So, you are 100% able to select the option ideal for your situation. One of these options you can configure on the Amazon store by clicking on the link below.

7. On Stage DS7200B

On Stage DS7200B is a very simple and high-quality table stand. We have included On Stage DS7200B in our list due to the round base of this stand, you can lock your microphone in any position and this stand will not tip in the case of most desktop stands with tripod type of base. The height of On Stage DS7200B is adjustable from 9” (22cm) – 13″ (33cm), a diameter of a round base is 6” (15cm). The whole stand has metal housing. In addition, you can use this stand to record or voice a kick drum, guitar amplifiers, piano, etc. On Stage DS7200B is available in two color variants: black, chrome.

6. Atlas Sound MS-10C

Atlas Sound MS-10C is a straight stand with a round base from Atlas Sound Company. The stand is made of very quality materials, so we included it in our list. Compared with On Stage MS7201B, Atlas Sound MS-10C has a thicker housing and has a nice polished glossy color. The diameter of the base is 10” (25cm), the stand has height adjustment from 35″ (88cm) to 63″ (163cm). Atlas Sound MS-10C is two times more expensive than On Stage MS7201B. We can recommend Atlas Sound MS-10C to professionals as it is a little better than On Stage MS7201B, or to those who do not mind an additional $ 25. The stand available in two colors: black and chrome.

5. Hercules MS533B

Hercules MS533B is a premium quality microphone boom stand with tripod type of base from Hercules company. Hercules exclusively engaged in the production of stands for all musical instruments and studio audio equipment, the quality of the company’s products is on a level with the German manufacturer K&M (Koenig & Mayer) which is known for its unmatched quality. Hercules MS533B has fasteners with a logo that look very nice on a stand housing. In our list, it is one of the highest stands as it has adjustable height 42.1” – 94.5″ (1.1 m – 2.4 m), unfortunately, the boom arm is not telescoping and this design is justified by a very high adjustment, the boom arm has a height of 30.7” (780mm). We recommend Hercules MS533B exclusively to professionals. The stand will fit to people with a fat wallet who want to get super high quality and beautiful stand.

4. K&M Stands Microphone stand 25200-500-55

Microphone Boom stand on tripod base K&M 25200-500-55 is produced by one of the leading manufacturers of accessories and components for professional music equipment K&M (Germany). The German brand K&M has become known since it produces a large number of various accessories and stands for music equipment that can be used in the professional music industry. Accessories and stands for acoustic systems of the company K&M are quite well known and popular worldwide and available in the arsenal of the top recording studios. The popularity of this manufacturer is due to the high-quality products, durability and very easy use.

K&M 25200-500-55 is a practical and convenient stand for use in a variety of fields, from home to professional studios, stages, orchestras and voicing any tools. The stand has a foldable design with three sections, the length of which can vary from 24” to 57” (60cm up to 144mm). Boom Arm is mounted on the stand and can be removed. The height of T-Bar boom arm can be adjusted from 31.30 to 19.29″ (49cm to 80cm). depending on the requirements of musicians and performers. The housing of K&M 25200-500-55 is made of high quality metal alloy with aluminium, to provide a durability for many years. Material of plastic parts: polycarbonate alloy with high molecular density. We recommend K&M stand 25200-500-55 to professional sound engineers, professional recording studios and large concert venues where the quality of every detail and trivia during live performances is very important.

3. Atlas Sound PB21XEB + Atlas Sound MS25E

The honorable third place takes the accessory from Atlas Sound. AtlasIED produces microphone stands for over 80 years and in addition to microphone stands they produce rack stands, power amplification, stage speakers, signal routing equipment etc. Atlas Sound MS25E is a heavy-duty microphone stand which is made of high quality metal which provides durability for dozens of years. Atlas Sound MS25E has maximum adjustable height up to 62” (1.6 m). And of course, Atlas Sound MS25E will fit perfectly in pair with Atlas Sound boom arm PB21XEB, because you can easily wind this top bar to MS25E stand. This top bar extends from 25” (64cm) to 38” (97cm). So, max height of this boom arm in pair with the Atlas Sound MS25E stand is 100” (2.5 m).

2. Ultimate Support MC-125

The second place in our list takes Ultimate Support MC-12. We recommend Ultimate Support MC-125 only to professionals or for those who have a heavy studio microphone, as Ultimate Support MC-125 has a counterweight on the end of boom arm. Another remarkable feature of this stand is that it has rollerblade-style base (base diameter is 22.5″ 572mm) that will allow you to conveniently move the stand with least effort. Ultimate Support MC-125 is one of the highest and most adjustable stands in our list. The height from bottom to top bar adjusts from 52” (1.3 m) to 83” (2.1 m). Boom arm extends from 35” (890mm) to 61” (1.5 m). And the total stand height reaches 145” (3.7 m). Also, this stand will be very handy for recording room sound and drum set, especially for overhead as it has additional suspension at the end of the boom arm.

1. On-Stage Stands SMS7650

The first place in our list takes the premium microphone stand On-Stage Stands SMS7650 because it is the most well-designed stand in the world, the most functional and well thought out stand from our list. As for the height of this stand, it has adjustable height higher than Ultimate Support MC-125, as it has a three-section vertical shaft and higher boom arm. The total height of this stand is 164” (4.1 m) + mini-boom adapter 7″ (177mm as you can see on picture). In all other respects, it is exactly the same as Ultimate Support MC-125, it has a platform on wheels and a counterweight for heavy microphones. Also, another notable factor of On-Stage Stands SMS7650, this stand has fasteners with company’s logo that looks really nice on the housing. Despite the high cost of On-Stage Stands SMS7650, it has high rating on Amazon store and there you can read a very large amount of positive feedback from users of this stand.

In Conclusion

Summing up our list of the best microphone stands, we want to highlight On-Stage company as the majority of stands of all types appeared in our list are from On-Stage since 36 years of production of microphone stands have much sense.