Top 15 Best Microphones for iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad)

Modern smartphones represent powerful handheld computers (PDA) which are capable to do many things. Some time ago, this was impossible to imagine that someday a mobile device would allow you to check your email at any time and place. Today, smartphones’ potential seems boundless. We can play games, edit photos and videos, read electronic worksheet, draw, make a list of tasks and reminders, save notes and record and edit audio files. A function which is shared in this article is up-to-date for videobloggers and YouTubers who are currently at the peak of popularity. Also, it is for musicians, journalists, interviewers, reporters, composers, sound producers, sound designers, students (who want to record lectures or favorite band at live performance). This article will be interesting to read for common readers as well who want to get perfect sound quality from your device. This article is dedicated to 15 best microphones for iOS devices (some of them support Android).

Advantages of an external iOS microphones for your iPhone or iPad

Often, a built-in microphone is not enough to get a high-quality sound. To record a quality audio track, you need a perfect sound and respectively a good microphone. Moreover, it is necessary for musicians to record a melody suddenly born in a head.

To be fair, most of top smartphones can barely record bright and good quality audio tracks without distortion and unnecessary noise. The user often faces with a problem of muffle and unsaturated sound, unwanted noise and remoteness of sound source in stereo pan.

Fortunately, there are many external microphones available for users. But most of them have a jack only Apple devices (Lightning), so it is disadvantage for Android users. However, smartphones with Android 5 or better are compatible with any USB microphone which has a USB-OTG cable. iOS users can connect USB mics through Apple Camera Connection Kit Cable and get a studio-quality recording (its cost is about 30$).

Also, a big advantage of external iOS microphones is an additional software for sound recording from AppStore. For instance, there is a special app RØDE Rec. for Rode i-XY which has a large collection of tools for editing audio. For microphone Shure, there is a Shure MOTIV app with many presets (automatic set up and parameters for microphone) for live performances, acoustic guitar, speech or stereo pan. There are a lot of applications for recording in AppStore which are compatible with microphones from our list – it won’t be a problem for you to choose an application with comfortable interface, set of tools and set up.

How to choose best microphone for iOS device and what to pay attention to:

Your Budget. It is worth noting that microphones from our list have a quite moderate cost. Everyone can afford a quality external iOS microphone because the highest price for the most top mic is 200$. There are also budget models and microphones of mid-price range which won’t impact your wallet.

Microphone Type. There are three types of external iOS microphones: USB studio grade microphones, lavalier microphones, microphones with Lightning Connector and 3.5 Jack Connection. As for USB microphones, you have to buy Apple Camera Connection Kit. There are iOS USB microphones which can connect through lightning cable without adapter. Then. Lavalier microphones which connect to device through 3.5 jack connector. These microphones suit for interviews or speakers. You can easily hide it under your clothes and put your smartphone to your pocket. There is no lavalier and USB grade microphones as you can all necessary information in the following articles: about Lavalier Type of Microphones and huge article about USB Studio Grade Mics. There are many microphones designed especially for iOS devices which you can also use with Mac and Windows. Another type of microphones is external microphones with lightning and 3.5 jack connectors. They have the same design as iOS devices and you can easily connect them – just Plug and Play. Most of the microphones have an official software from AppStore in a set.

Also, you should pay your attention to polar patterns. Choosing a microphone, you should consider carefully this feature depending on a purpose of using a microphone:

  • Stereo Pattern (Dual or Paired Cardioid Capsules). Most of the microphones from our list have two cardioid capsules to capture a wide angle of stereo recording from 180˚ to 360˚. This type of polar pattern is for those who want to achieve a presence effect, who shoot videoblogs, movies, live performances, conference calls, interviews with several speakers, record musical sketches and just for HD audio. Examples of stereo microphones: TASCAM iM2, Blue Mikey, Rode i-XY, Shure MV88, Focusrite iTrack Pocket, IK Multimedia iRig Mic Filed, Saramonic SmartMixer, etc.
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern. Microphones witj cardioid pollar pattern capture sound from the side they are faced to (from 90˚ to 120˚) and rejects from the rear. Cardioid microphones are good for interviews, vocals and speech, recording musical instruments, but the mic should be placed close to the sound source. Examples of mics: NADY MCM-85 Mini, Movo MA200.
  • Directional Polar Pattern. This type of polar pattern captures sound only from the front side and ignores it from the sides and rear. Directional microphones are designed for those who record their monologs on the camera, interviews (only in case when the mic is in front of the speaker), shoot movies. For example, this type of polar pattern is used in Rode VideoMic ME, Ampridge MightyMic.
  • Multiple Polar Pattern. In some microphones, you can change their polar patterns to get the best results in different situations. For instance, Shure MV88 and Zoom iQ7 have a mid-side position of capsule and can record as cardioid, omni-directional microphones, etc., and can control an angle of capturing sound. Rode i-XY has adjustment between cardioid polar pattern and X-Y stereo pattern.

Here are Top 15 Best Microphones for iOS Devices

(Taking into account everything mentioned above, we want to share with you our Top 15 Best Microphones for iOS Devices. Don’t forget to pay attention to the Bonus Section).

15. NADY MCM-85 Mini 3.5mm Condenser Microphone


Our list of best microphones for iOS devices opens by Nady MCM-85 Mini. Nady Systems company produces microphones, accessories for audio devices, mixers, headphones, power amplifiers, etc. and became well known around the world especially for its high-quality microphones. Each day compact in size, light in weight and great in quality devices become more popular, and Nady, along with other leading companies, decided to get on a roll and introduces its version of such a device. Nady MCM-85 Mini is a cardioid mini condenser microphone designed for all recording devices with 3.5mm jack. The 12mm capsule delivers bright and decent audio which is much better from that the devices can capture with their built-in microphones. So we decided to include Nady MCM-85 Mini in our list of best microphones for iOS devices as this mic is the cheapest microphone in this niche and has a good price/quality ratio + thanks to the “Nady Brand” which produces good studio microphones.

Here are a few advantages of Nady MCM-85 Mini:

  • 12mm Back Electret Condenser delivers full-range frequency response and crystal-clear recordings every time
  • Ultra-compact design for portability and versatility. Ideal for lectures, interviews, film, voice memos and more
  • 3.5mm TRRS requires no additional hardware, simply plug in and begin recording
Customer reviews / Best price on Nady MCM-85


14. Ampridge MightyMic S Shotgun Microphone for iOS devices

Ampridge MightyMic S

AmpRidge company appeared on the market several years ago and specializes on microphones and accessories exclusively for iOS devices, smartphones and DSLR cameras. AmpRidge MightyMic S is a high-quality condenser microphone for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, etc. The device has a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack on the back of the microphone which will help you to monitor the recording and adjust the volume with MoviePro App (iOS Only). It has a shotgun design and directional polar pattern which helps to avoid unnecessary noise from sides. Also, it comes with a foam windscreen for a comfortable working in poor weather conditions and reducing wind noise + carrying pouch. We included this microphone in our list because AmpRidge MightyMic S has a lot of positive feedbacks in Amazon store and reasonable price.

Customer reviews / Best price on MightyMic S


13. Movo MA200 Omni-Directional Condenser Microphone

Movo MA200

Next device in our list of best microphones for iOS devices is Movo MA200. USA based MOVO company appeared not so long ago and became known due to budget devices in the niche of audio equipment for musicians and video makers. Movo MA200 is an omni-directional condenser microphone for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices which provides accurate, professional audio recording. MA200 is designed for on-the-go use. It is “plug-and-play” and very compact.  MA200 features an adjustable, directional head that allows you to position your microphone for the best clarity, while the high-quality, electret condenser’s omni-directional polar pattern ensures you capture audio equally on all sides. Perfect for podcasts, interviews, music sketches, dictation, acoustic performances and everyday use. In the market of external microphones for iOS devices there are a lot of budget microphones but among them there are a lot of mics of very poor quality with bad reviews. We decided to include Movo MA200 in our list of best microphones for iPhone and iPad as this microphone with perfect price/quality ratio, very cheap and has a lot of positive feedbacks from users. Also Movo MA200 is available in four colour schemes: rose gold, silver, grey, gold (you can easily pick up a microphone suitable for the color of your device) + from the package with the microphone you’ll get a small case for storage and mic transporting.

Customer reviews / Best price on Movo MA200


12. IK Multimedia iRig MIC Cast External Microphone for Smartphones & Tablets

IK Multimedia iRig MIC Cast

iRig MIC Cast is an ultra-compact microphone from IK Multimedia designed for iPhone, iPod and iPad. This portative device is often used for podcasts, interviews, conference calls, lectures and even vocals. With iRig MIC Cast you will get a high-quality sound thanks to its tight unidirectional pickup pattern that minimizes background noise. iRig MIC Cast can work in two modes. The first one is used to record a sound source in a little distance (for interviews). The second one is for recording in distance (lectures, conferences). The device has a jack input for stereo headphones, so the user can directly control the quality of recording. The case of this microphone is small (like the size of a large coin), but everything is done very durable and the microphone is able to survive the fall from your hands. The set also includes a stand for video conferences to position vertically iPhone or iPod and free your hands. You also will get two applications for free with this mic: iRig Recorder for recording and editing voice and VocalLive processing voice in real time. Our editorial team included IK Multimedia iRig MIC cast in our list of top 15 best microphones for iOS devices as this mic isn’t very expensive and provides a lot of features and good recording quality + package bundle includes a stand dor your smartphone and free apps.

Customer reviews / Best price on iRig MIC Cast


11. Movo Smartphone Video Grip Handle Rig with Stereo Microphone

Movo Smartphone Video Grip

Here is another device from MOVO company in our list of best microphones for iOS devices. We would like to share with you some information about device which fixes your smartphone and microphone for comfortable shooting when nothing prevents the process. Movo Smartphone Grip Handle is a universal mount which can handle up to 3.6” (97mm) wide smartphones (including iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy Note). On the top of the device, there is a cold shoe to attach a microphone, LED video lights or wireless transmitters. The mounting itself is flexible, with three ¼” female tripod screws (located at the bottom, on the side and at the top of grip handle) and built-in spirit level for perfectly flat aligned position. The presented set includes a X/Y stereo condenser microphone VXR260 from the MOVO company, which is attached to the cold shoe of this handle rig. Movo VXR260 microphone also has selectable 90° or 120° pickup patterns, on/off button on the back side of mic housing and wide frequency response from 35Hz to 20kHz. The microphone is powered by one LR44 button cell battery. Also package bundle includes foam windscreen and furry windscreen for shooting during windy weather + 1-year warranty on MOVO products.

Customer reviews / Best price on Movo Video Grip


10. TASCAM iM2 Portable Digital Microphone for iOS Devices


Tascam company has started producing microphones for iOS devices as well, and Tascam iM2 mic model deserves to be mentioned in our list of best microphones for iOS devices. Tascam iM2 is a stereo field condenser microphone with 30-pin connection to iOS devices. Since the microphone is the same as in the professional series of Tascam DR recorders, recording quality also meets professional requirements. Its capsules are unidirectional and adjustable over 180 degrees which allows to record audio in different patterns but the main one is AB. Tascam iM2 can handle up to 125dB, so you can record the loudest live concerts. Tascam iM2, in addition to microphone capsules, also contains a microphone preamplifier and an analog-to-digital converter, so there is no need to use the built-in preamplifier of the smartphone. On the housing, there is on/off button, limiter button, input level control wheel and USB input which is designed to charge-up your iOS device in the process of long recording. In AppStore, you can download a free application Tascam PCM Recorder for double track recording. Tascam iM2 is produced in black color for black iOS devices and in white for the white ones. We want to warn you: Tascam iM2 doesn’t have a lightning jack connector, so you have to buy additionally Apple Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter.

Customer reviews / Best price on TASCAM iM2


9. Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for iOS Devices & SmartPhones

Rode VideoMic Me

Rode Microphones introduced a directional microphone Rode VideoMic Me at IBC 2015. It’s a cheap compact model for iPhone and iPad providing with high quality of audio which works as shotgun microphones (captures the sound in front of the mic and muffles it from the rear). It has an adjusting mount and connects to iOS devices through TRRS jack input. On the housing made of aluminum with ceramic anti-glare cover there is an output for headphones for direct monitoring of your recorded audio. Also Rode VideoMic Me has great frequency response from 100Hz to 20kHz (this frequency range is excellent, since frequencies up to 100Hz can be very unfavorable). Package bundle includes furry windshield for recording outdoors or in poor/windy weather conditions + Rode company provides 1-year warranty and 2-years warranty after registration (which confirms the quality of this microphone). We included Rode VideoMic Me in our list of best microphones for iOS devices, because Rode makes perfect microphones and Rode VideoMic Me not an exception. This microphone has 1500+ positive feedbacks in Amazon store and one of the best price/quality ratio, but Rode VideoMic Me has a big lack – it doesn’t support iPhone 7 and as we expect it will not support the upcoming versions of new iPhones as they don’t have built-in jack input.

Customer reviews / Best price on VideoMic Me


8. Focusrite iTrack Pocket Stereo Microphone and Guitar Input for iPhone

Focusrite iTrack Pocket is a portative high-quality stereo microphone/audio interface equipped with an input for guitar. You can shoot amazing videos with great sound and share them right from your iPhone. iPhone microphones are good to make calls but they won’t do for recording musical performances. That’s why Apple recommends Focusrite iTrack Pocket and also approves its use on the official website. After connecting the device and guitar to audio interface through Lightning and 1/4” TS jack, downloading and launching the Impact app – you can start to make your recording. The audio interface has an attached pocket for your device which can be used as a case or a mounting stand to shoot a video at an ideal angle. With Focusrite iTrack Pocket you can also record sound with GarageBand, iMovie, Rode Rec, Loopy HD and Tape from Focusrite. With Impact app, you can record, edit, add different effects and upload your art directly on YouTube. With 1/4” TS jack input you can record different musical instruments: grand piano, synthesizers, orchestral instruments and others which have linear signal. Finally, the audio interface has a built-in high-quality stereo microphone for recording performances through apps mentioned above. Focusrite iTrack Pocket is a best choice for YouTubers. And Focusrite iTrack Pocket is not the single device from the Focusrite company in our article about best microphones for iOS devices – check the bonus section of our list.

To upload your video to YouTube, you need to do the following:

  1. Connect the audio interface to your iPhone.
  2. Choose necessary effects.
  3. Press play button.
  4. Edit the video and then wait until the app will upload your new video to your channel.

Advantages of Focusrite iTrack Pocket

  • The ability to capture the pure sound of any musical instruments as well as voice, making it popular among singers and songwriters.
  • Video and audio recording is in HD quality.
  • The guitar/instrumental input allows you to record the cleanest sound of your musical instrument with a simple press of a button.
  • Compact and smart design which makes it possible to put the device in your pocket.
  • Comes with a special app that allows an automatic upload of videos on Youtube.
  • Compatible with most devices from Apple: iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus etc.

In conclusion, we can say with no doubt that iTrack Pocket is a perfect recording device that can replace an entire studio equipped with latest technologies.

Customer reviews / Best price on iTrack Pocket


7. IK Multimedia iRig Mic Field Stereo Condenser Microphone for iPhone and iPad

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Field

One more microphone from IK Multimedia in our list of best microphones for iOS devices. IK Multimedia presented a stereo field microphone iRig Mic Field. This model is designed for iOS devices (including iPhone 6S/6S Plus/7/7 Plus, iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPad Pro) and connects through Lightning. IK Multimedia iRig Mic Field is very compact and has a rotatable patent-pending design for the best stereo image in both landscape and portrait mode. iRig Mic Field can be used for recording rehearsals, concerts, lectures, capturing sound while shooting. Also iRig Mic Field is designed for journalists, musicians, videographer, podcasters and common users. The manufacturer notes that the microphone can work with any Core Audio and Core Video compatible applications (GarageBand, iMovie, Voice Memo, etc.). IK Multimedia iRig Mic Field has two built-in condenser capsules, high-quality amplifier with low noise level and 24bit analog-to-digital converter with 44.1/48kHz sample rate. It features a thumbwheel gain control, an audio-out jack for headphones for direct audio monitoring in real time and a multicolor audio input level indicator. It has a high level of sound pressure which allows you to record audio at loud concerts or to capture loud sound sources. With this mic, you’ll also get a small case for storage and carrying your mic and a free version of iRig Recorder app for recording and editing sound track.

Customer reviews / Best price on iRig Mic Field


6. Rode i-XLR Digital XLR Interface for iOS Devices

Rode i-XLR

At the IBC 2015 exhibition, Rode presented several new devices among which was i-XLR which represents a compact mic interface for iOS devices. Actually, Rode i-XLR is not a microphone, but our editorial team decided to include this device in our list of top 15 best microphones for iOS devices, since it definitely deserves your attention and will allow you to connect almost any XLR microphone to your iOS device. It is designed to record interviews on iPhone, iPad or iPod with Lightning jack connector, wherein with Rode i-XLR you can use different types of microphones (lavalier, shotgun, etc.). Rode i-XLR has a shielded cable of 2m, which allows you to put your smartphone into the pocket or into the backpack during recording. Rode i-XLR has an input for your headphones with level control fader/wheel for audio monitoring in real time. There is also a LED indicator for recording and a switch button providing +20dB of gain for dynamic microphones. It is recommended to use this interface with an iOS app Rode Reporter App. Its dimensions are 80mm×33mm× 35mm, its weight is 125g.

Customer reviews / Best price on Rode i-XLR


5. Zoom iQ7 Mid-Side Stereo Microphone for Apple Devices

Zoom iQ7

Zoom iQ7 is a unique microphone to record a surround sound and this microphone model opens our top 5 of best microphones for iOS devices. To start recording, connect your iPhone, IPad or IPod Touch with Zoom iQ7 via lightning connector and enjoy high quality sound recording your videos from concerts, recording to musical sketches, interviews, lecture etc. Management under the iOS system makes the recording process more convenient and on high level! Zoom iQ7 has a front wheel-regulator. Controlling it, you can set an optimum level of the microphone input signal. To visually control the sound level, there is a LED indicator. On the microphone housing, there is also a selection of the capturing sound source angle (90°, 120°, Mid-Side). To hear direct audio from the Zoom iQ7, there is a headphone jack on microphones housing. A mechanism of microphone capsules rotation is also an interesting feature: by rotating it relatively to the body of the phone, you can conveniently arrange the display and microphone for comfortable hand position. A higher quality recorded sound is obtained with innovative technology of location of the capsules – “Mid-Side”. The same system Mid-Side is present in the Shure MV88 microphone. And then, if there is a desire to modify the sound, there is a special original application Zoom Handy Recorder. For a full understanding of the characteristics of Zoom iQ7 we recommend you to read the comparison with Shure MV88 in a full article about MV88, which you can find on our website. There we compare in detail all characteristics, pros and cons of each device, as well as we compare branded recording applications.

Customer reviews / Best price on Zoom iQ7


4. Saramonic SmartMixer Stereo Microphone Rig for Smartphones

Saramonic SmartMixer

Saramonic company produces smartphone audio gear, GoPro audio devices, wireless microphones, camera microphones, portable recorders, and Saramonic company appeared in the audio equipment market not so long ago. So, in 2016 the company announced a quite unique device Saramonic SmartMixer stereo microphone rig for smartphones, which got to our list in top five best microphones for iOS devices. To understand this device in more detailed way – let’s start our review on Saramonic SmartMixer in order by parts. First we are greeted by a grip handle, which has a soft lining and comfortably lies in the hand. Next, the grip handle is attaching to a phone holder that has adjustments to the size of your smartphone and can easily fit smartphone models with large dimensions such as the iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy. Also phone holder has shoe mount for SmartMixer and 1/4″ tripod mounting (you can connect not only tripod to this 1/4″ mounting, you can buy optional arm holder, for example to attach powerbank for your smartphone). Next, we go to the “heart of this device” SmartMixer. On the case of the device located: headphone jack input for audio monitoring, smartphone input, mini-XLR input, volume control knob, +48V phantom power on/off button (for mini-XLR input), monitor switch button, LCD screen for audio level monitoring, two 3.5mm jack stereo mic inputs, battery compartment and shoe mounting for accessories (for example for LED light). Saramonic SmartMixer set includes two 3.5mm condenser microphones, but to tell the truth they are not very good quality. These condenser mics slightly cut the sound of the hall, but they lose the brightness of the sound
(the built-in microphone from the apple sounds a little more pleasant at high and medium frequencies), so we recommend you to replace the microphones that come with it. In these 3.5mm jack inputs, you can easily connect any other mic with 3.5mm jack (for example any lavalier microphone such as: Audio Technica ATR3350) and do not forget that these two inputs provide only 5V power supplies each for your microphones. The main feature of the Saramonic SmartMixer is that you can connect any balanced XLR microphone (as it has mini-XLR to XLR adapter) and power any studio condenser microphone as it has +48V phantom power. Saramonic SmartMixer package bundle includes both connection cables: for iOS devices and Android devices. Also, by the link below, you can find the version with the LED light. So we highly recommend this “Selfie-Stick on Steroids”!

Customer reviews / Best price on SmartMixer


3. Blue Mikey Digital Recording Microphone for iPhone and iPad

Blue Mikey

All the microphones from the company Blue feature by “warm” sound. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed with the purchase of Blue Mickey and we confidently assign the third place to this microphone model in our list of best microphones for iOS devices. Blue Mickey is designed for those who shoot videos on iPhone or iPad. It’s a plug and play mic with high-quality sound recording through any application from AppStore. Thanks to quality analog-to-digital convertor, you get a stereo recording in 16bit/44kHz used in studios. This reliable and beautiful device is capable to process loud and muffled sounds. The Blue Mikey microphone can receive a sound loudness of up to 130dB. For better understanding, the volume level of the sound at a rock concert is 120dB, so the user will feel very comfortable while recording with Blue Mikey. The LED indicator on microphone’s body shows the level of input signal. You can adjust this level automatically or manually. Moreover, Blue Mikey has a function of intellectual adjusting of amplifying for automatic aligning of volume oscillation, or you can manually fix a sensitivity level for a selected acoustic area. Blue Mikey microphone has a micro-USB input to charge your iPhone (this function is very useful for long recording and charging can occur simultaneously with recording). 1/8 inch (3.5mm) multi-input jack allows to connect other sources like guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, hand microphone, DJ mixer and other sources with line-level signals. 230-degree swivel mount allows to fix Blue Mickey in comfortable position for you.

Customer reviews / Best price on Blue Mikey


2. Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

The “silver” position in our list of best microphones for iOS devices is taken by the Shure MV88 microphone. Shure presented a stereo microphone Shure MV88 in its series line “MOTIV”. Shure MV88 is designed only for modern iOS devices with Lightning connector. The device has a metal housing and has a hinge mount to adjust the angle of the microphone. Everything in Shure MV88 designed/produced in order for consumer satisfaction – speech, vocals, acoustic instruments will sound great. Also, it can record the powerful sounds of a rock concert and to turn them into clear audio track, but, of course, these innovative features have influenced on the price. It is worth noting that high-quality capsules and Mid-Side technology give a crystal-clear stereo sound. To monitor the recording, you can use the headphone output of your iOS device. A free application ShurePlus Motiv for iOS devices allows to control all the parameters of MV88. The user can adjust a gain level, volume and stereo width. Moreover, ShurePlus Motiv app allows you to control EQ, compressor, limiter and switch between five DSP modes (Speech, Singing, Acoustic, Loud and Flat). Also, we have a detailed review on Shure MV88 with audio examples on our website.

Customer reviews / Best price on Shure MV88


1. Rode i-XY Stereo Condenser Microphone for Apple Devices (iPhone & iPad)

Rode i-XY

The company RØDE is one of the leading companies in the production of microphones and audio tech, which has become well-known around the world among musicians, composers, sound producers and creative people, which work with audio. The first place in our top list of best microphones for iOS devices our editorial team honestly assign to Rode i-XY – a primary class microphone for iPhone and iPad. The microphone has a firm metal housing, which provides high reliability and protection against sound interference. There is a built-in high-quality 24bit A/D converter with sampling frequency up to 96kHz. The heart of Rode i-XY is two cardioid condenser ½” capsules with a fixed 90 degrees’ position. As a result, you’ll be able to record the surround sound with incredible detailing. Rode i-XY suits for recording music, interviews, lectures, etc.

One of the most important features of this microphone is a RØDE Rec LE app which you can download from AppStore for free (also, there is a full version of Rode Rec “$5,99”, which has a wider collection of functions. So, want to mention that paid/full version of Rode Rec is the best application for recording and editing audio). Rode Rec also allows you to apply a 72Hz programmable low-pass filter to reduce unwanted low-frequency noise and adjust the recording level. Rode i-XY is compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus and with all Apple devices with Lightning connector. On our website, you can find an article about Rode i-XY and listen to audio examples. Moreover, in the article about Shure MV88 you can find a comparison between these two models.

Customer reviews / Best price on Rode i-XY


+BONUS (the microphones which were not included in our main list of top 15 best microphones for iOS devices, but deserve your attention)

Line6 Sonic Port VX Digital Audio Interface and Stereo Microphone

Line6 Sonic Port VX

Unfortunately, we have not included Line6 Sonic Port VX in our main list of 15 best microphones for iOS devices, as it’s more of an audio interface rather than a microphone. Yes, by design it resembles a Focusrite iTrack Pocket from the main list, but still Sonic Port VX is a full-fledged audio interface with microphone on board. A portable audio interface Line6 Sonic Port VX is a very interesting product from a well-known American company Line6, designed to work with Apple mobile devices. Unlike the previously released Sonic Port interface, in which emphasis was placed on guitarists, the novelty has on board high-quality professional preamps and three built-in studio condenser microphones: a stereo microphone on each side for recording live with good natural reverb and a mono mic in the center for studio version of the record near the sound source.

Thus, Line6 Sonic Port VX is a convenient option for recording vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars and other instruments at home and outdoors. In addition to iOS devices, the manufacturer has declared support of Mac and PC platforms. With the Line6 Sonic Port VX, you’ll get a free software Mobile POD app for iOS.

In addition to the instrument input, model Line6 Sonic Port VX is equipped with a linear stereo input designed to connect keyboards, drum machines, DJ mixers and other devices. Also, there is a headphone output and balanced output for connecting studio monitors. Plus, on one side of the device there is a microphone volume control, and on the other a toggle switch that provides a direct audio monitoring with zero latency. Line6 Sonic Port VX is powered by a USB bus, it is possible to use the optional AC adapter. In this case, it is possible to charge not only the interface Line6 Sonic Port VX, but iPad or iPhone through Lightning jack connector. In addition, the device has a bottom thread for mounting on a stand, and the equipment includes a desktop stand with an adapter.

Customer reviews / Best price on Sonic Port VX


MicW i-Series Microphones

MicW i-Series

The Chinese company MicW produces professional microphones of premium quality (in their product arsenal they have: lavalier microphones, measurement microphones, headworn & conference microphones, nickel diaphragm microphones) and not so long ago they have released new line “i-Series microphones” – which designed specifically for iOS devices, but can also work with other smartphones. The company MicW is located in China and produces all its devices in this country – so you could have an opinion that all Chinese devices are of poor quality, but MicW breaks all stereotypes about Chinese products. Now, let’s move on to MicW i-Series. MicW i473L (lightning connector) / MicW i436 (3.5mm TRRS jack) – microphones that were designed especially for measuring SPL audio level / or a real-time analyzer (RTA) for time and frequency domain measurements, so these mics are suitable only for concert sound producers and sound engineers, also it’s worth noting that all the microphones are ideally calibrated at the factory. MicW i456 / i266 – classic 3.5mm TRRS microphones for smartphones that are designed to record voice, instruments, vocals, live performances, interviews, etc. MicW iBoundary is a desktop microphone for video conferences, speech recording, and everyday use. MicW i825 – high quality lavalier microphone for recording audio for video production, interviews and even for use on TV. We need to mention that almost all microphones from the MicW i-Series line have a very reliable metal case and an ideal package bundle with all the necessary accessories. Unfortunately, we did not include this line of microphones in our main list of best microphones for iOS devices, since MicW microphones are quite expensive and we found a very small amount of feedback from buyers (but they were all super-positive). We just want to note, that not all microphone models are available in Amazon store as the company has just started to be promoted on the international market. Click the link below to find all available microphones from the MicW company.

Customer reviews / Best price on MicW mics


Zoom iQ5 and Zoom iQ6 iOS Microphones

Zoom iQ5 and Zoom iQ6

We decided not to include Zoom iQ5 and Zoom iQ6 in our main list of top 15 best microphones for iOS devices, since there is already the most senior model Zoom iQ7, which has a more extensive set of functions compared to previous models. But the most important difference is that the Zoom iQ6 has X-Y position of capsules while the Zoom iQ7 has a slightly different technology (Mid-Side). More detailed differences of these microphones you can see in the comparison table by the link below in the Amazon store. But do not forget that Zoom iQ7 is better and has more extensive functionality.

Customer reviews / Best price on Zoom iQ5
Customer reviews / Best price on Zoom iQ6