Top 20 Best Microphones for DSLR Video Camera and Camcorders

The majority of DSLR cameras provide a reasonable quality sound recording with an internal microphone, but in some creative situations you will be faced with the problem and need to obtain high quality audio recording. Usually a built-in microphone does not convey the sound very well: in some cases, when a speaker is at a remote distance from the camera, the sound picked up by a built-in microphone is too quiet, and it picks up extraneous noise, vibrations, mechanical issues as well, and the sound from a built-in microphone of some DSLR cameras models is not clear (like someone talks through a pillow). A built-in camera microphone can be used, for example, for recording a video for YouTube if you are a beginner in this field. However, if we are talking about a more serious and high-quality project, then there are multiple optional solutions for improving a sound quality. Therefore, a great upgrade for your camera is an external microphone. In this article, we will discuss most popular and relevant today external best microphones for DSLR video cameras and Camcorders.

A microphone for video camera is an external device used to obtain high-quality sound while recording a video. There are several different types of microphones, the most common of which are: shotgun microphones, lavalier microphones, wireless microphones, handheld microphones. These devices suit almost for all types of shooting. As a rule, they connect easily to a camera. Undoubtedly, the main advantage of external microphones is a sound quality. With their appearance, users got an ability to shoot videos in any place and at any time. So, you can buy any camera and create 1080p video quality and excellent audio track. But what is about a sound quality? What type and model of microphone to choose?  You will learn from this article, but let’s discuss everything in order.

How to Choose a Microphone for DSLR Video Camera or Camcorder?

Budget: On-camera microphones belong to the middle price category, there are simple budget models the price of which starts from 80$, and expensive ones. The more expensive a microphone is, the better a quality of sound recording is. It all depends entirely on your capabilities. In our article, you will find a microphone that won’t hit you in the wallet and will provide you with a perfect sound quality. We have included expensive microphones as well, which are suitable for professionals of video shooting. (Tip: the higher the position of the microphone in our article is, the more expensive it is)

Type of Microphone: It is one of the important factors for choosing a microphone for your camera. We strongly recommend you to read about each type of microphone to get an enlarged presentation of the audio recording. In the future, this information will help you make the right choice particularly for your situation.

  • Lavalier Microphones. Lavalier microphones are small and can be easily concealed, so that it seemed to spectators that a speaker speaks directly to them. Generally, lavalier microphones are used during an official interview, when an interviewee is in a sitting position and he does not make a lot of movements. A lavalier microphone is perfect for video reviews, broadcasting, master classes or recording lectures. A buttonhole is secured to a garment; the distance to the mouth of the speaker should not be large so that the microphone could capture sound. By the way, the closer the microphone is to the sound source, the lower the noise level. There are wired and wireless lavalier microphones. The disadvantage of such devices is that they quickly drain the battery and an additional charging of the battery is needed at the most inopportune moment.
  • Shotgun Microphones. Shotgun-microphones are somewhat similar to a gun barrel by design. Their peculiarity is that they minimize the impact of ambient noise and are perfect for big interviews and stories. Instead of reaching out a hand-held microphone to the person each time, it is better to use a shotgun microphone. Also, it is easy enough to connect these microphones to the camera. They can be kept away from the interviewee or reporter, and in this case the device narrows a capture angle of a sound field to about 30 degrees.
  • Handheld Microphones. This type of microphone is preferred mostly by journalists. If desired, these microphones can be upgraded with additional accessories.
  • Headworn Microphones. They are indispensable in cases when a speaker moves a lot, and when it is required from a microphone a maximum immunity from external noise. These microphones almost do not transmit any other sounds except the voice of a speaker, and they have a small size. Unfortunately, we do not recommend headworn microphones for use with DSLR cameras due to connection issues (this type of microphone is mainly used in other situations).
  • Wireless Microphones. Wireless microphones are very popular today, they open up a world of possibilities and allow you to record sound even at a great distance. Once having tried the microphone, you wonder how you have worked without it before. Depending on design features, a wireless system can be incorporated as in a standard hand microphone or lavalier and headworn ones. These microphones are connected to a wireless transmitter and then they flow signal to a receiver which is connected to your DSLR video camera or camcorder.

Connection Features: it is very important to connect properly a recording audio device to the camera, so we urge you to read this block to the end. In order to connect a microphone to a camera, you need to use a 3.5 mm jack for a microphone, which is usually located on a camera case. However, not every camera allows a connection of microphone. Find out in advance if your camera supports an external microphone (most modern DSLR video cameras has a 3.5mm jack for a microphone so you should have no problems with connecting). Also, there are microphones which connect through XLR cable – in this case you need to buy an adapter with phantom power for your camera – XLR to 3.5mm DSLR video camera input (Here are some good XLR adapter models: Saramonic SR-PAX2, Saramonic SmartRig+, TASCAM DR-60DmkII, BeachTek DXA-CONNECT) or XLR to 3.5mm cable adapter if your choosed microphone with XLR output does not require phantom power. The next important factor that should be considered when purchasing a microphone is Phantom Power. You should look at microphone specifications if it requires a phantom power. The main issue is that DSLR cameras are not capable of powering microphones which require a phantom power (a phantom power can be provided by extremely expensive cameras which are used for TV shooting) – so you have to buy a special adapter (which we mentioned above) that will provide a phantom power for your microphone. In our list of best microphones for DSLR camera, there are microphones which do not require a phantom power (or those which are powered by AAA batteries which come with a microphone) and you will not have any problems with its connecting.

Accessories: it is worth remembering that, if wished, the majority of microphones can be combined with various accessories: wind noise reducer, pop filter, desktop stand-tripod or floor stand. Some microphones from our list of best microphones for DSLR cameras are already equipped with accessories such as a pop filter or foam windscreen. We also indicate in our article additional accessories recommended for certain models of microphones to improve a quality of recording.

Here are TOP 20 Best Microphones for DSLR Video Camera and Camcorder:

We just want to note the fact that before presentation this article, we have made researches of all microphones for the DSLR video cameras that are available on the market, based on customer feedback and comments in forums discussion, also our editorial team has huge experience in videography production. All the microphones that we have included in our list we recommend you to purchase. They provide an excellent recording quality, and you will not regret. Our list of top 20 best microphones for DSLR video camera is dominated by shotgun microphone type as it is more preferable for videographers, but we also include other types of microphones in our list. Unfortunately, we have not included in our list lavalier type of microphones since we already have a huge article about Top 15 Best Lavalier Microphones.

20. RODE VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

RODE VideoMicro Compact On Camera Microphone

Our list of top 20 best microphones for DSLR video camera opens by Rode VideoMicro microphone model. The Australian company Rode specializes in producing microphones and this company is distinguished by premium quality products, as they have 27 year experience in producing microphones. The company Rode Microphones has released a compact on-camera microphone called VideoMicro in 2015. This budget model with a condenser capsule provides a high-quality audio, while it can be used with a wide range of cameras. Rode VideoMicro suits for shooting weddings, interviews, vlogging, catching sounds of environment and so on. Honestly, this model deserves a higher place on our list, thanks to its excellent quality/price ratio. But we still decided to open our list of best microphones for DSLR video camera with this microphone, since this is the most budget option in the segment of on-camera mics. So you can find tones of positive feedbacks from users on Amazon, also Rode VideoMicro has a “Bestseller” status in this store.

The Main Features of the Microphone:

  • Extremely compact size and light weight
  • Aluminum case with ceramic anti-reflective coating
  • Receives power directly from the camera
  • Ability to connect to a smartphone via optional TRS – TRRS cable SC7
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • On-camera A/V mount Rycote Lyre with a suspension of thermoplastic to minimize unwanted vibrations and noise
  • Fur windscreen WS9 for use outdoors
  • Device is designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Extended two-year warranty through registration on the website of the manufacturer
Customer reviews / Best price on VideoMicro


19. Shure VP64A and VP64AL Omnidirectional Handheld Microphone

SHURE VP64A Omnidirectional Handheld Microphone

Shure VP64A and VP64AL are omnidirectional handheld high-sensitivity dynamic microphones for professional use to record audio and video. They combine exceptional performance, comfort and telegenic. Shure VP64A and VP64AL model are identical in everything except length. 200mm VP64A is perfect for close-up shooting and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Shure VP64AL is well-suited for interviews on the road, sports broadcasts and other situations where increased (244mm) length is an advantage. An omni-directional diagram provides a uniform technique as along the axis and beyond it, eliminating the need for precise positioning of the microphone. The VP64A series also has a shaped frequency response with a rise in mid-range, which adds distinctness and clarity of speech. In the cartridge, is used neodymium magnet that provides a greater output signal and best ratio signal/noise. An internal mount with rubber isolation protects the microphone cartridge and minimizes mechanical noise. A waterproof protective mesh allows you to use the microphone in the most severe weather conditions. The included windscreen reduces noise from blasting sounds and wind. We decided to include these microphones in our list as Shure VP64A and VP64AL are the most popular budget options for reporters and interviewers, and they are almost used with DSLR video cameras and camcorders. So if your DSLR camera does not has XLR input you’ll need to buy an optional adapter (XLR to DSLR camera 3.5mm input) or you can use it in pair with recorders from Tascam or Zoom company, but you’ll need to synchronize your audio track with video track after shooting if you’ll use these mics in a pair with recorder.

Customer reviews / Best price on Shure VP64A


18. AZDEN EX503 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

AZDEN EX503 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

The Japanese company Azden produces microphones for camcorders and video cameras and it has become known around the world for past few years. AZDEN EX503 is an omni-directional lavalier microphone at a very affordable price designed specifically for speeches, interviews, film projects, wedding videos, YouTube videos, web-casting, theater performances or lectures. This model is in our list of best microphones for DSLR video camera as it has a slightly better quality than the popular lavalier microphone Audio-Technica ATR3350 and has more positive reviews on operations. You will only need to insert the microphone into the 3.5 mm DSLR camera or to your recorder and you will get a clean and loud audio track. More detailed technical characteristics you can read above. The only drawback to this microphone is a short cable length of 1.3m, if it is not enough for you, we suggest you to purchase an optional extension cable.

In this article we do not want to include a lot of lavalier microphones as we already have Top 15 Best Lavalier Microphones list. We advise you to read it on our website if you are looking for a clip-on microphone for a DSLR camera, all models of lavalier microphones will easily fit any DSLR video camera or camcorder.

Customer reviews / Best price on AZDEN EX503


17. TASCAM TM-2X X-Y Pattern Stereo Cardioid Microphone

TASCAM TM-2X Stereo Cardioid Microphone

Now we would like to present to you TASCAM TM-2X, a microphone for shooting video on DSLR camera. This simple device will delight you with its functionality: the microphone is taken from time-tested professional recorders Tascam. Simply clip it on the pad for external flash, and connect a wire to a microphone input of your video camera. Of course, you could choose any other microphone, but the main advantage of this model is elegant stereo panorama that will be great, for example, for shooting musical performances, catching sounds of environment, vloging, recording lectures and interviews (on short distance). The microphone is equipped with a special handle, which carries it forward in order to exclude the sounds of clicking buttons and buzzing of the autofocus. Definitely it is worth noting that there is an vibroprotection of the base and at the top of the microphone body – accidental blows to the body will not be on the record.

One of the main advantages: TASCAM TM-2X does not require additional configuration and special knowledge to provide an excellent sound quality. In addition, you will be able to change the angle of orientation vertically in the range of 180 degrees. During installation, be careful tightening a set ring in case not to damage your camera. TASCAM TM-2X is equipped with Low Cut filter, which cuts low frequencies with a cutoff frequency of 130Hz. The filter has a switch with two positions. The microphone does not require an additional power supply, only 3.5mm input on the camera. The device can withstand a sound pressure of 120dB, allowing you to record loud and noisy events. Estimate a sound quality of this microphone, which is superior to any built-in one! With a recorder, you will receive a cable of 33cm. In addition to attaching to the camera, you can connect the microphone to a standard tripod. The device fully justifies its cost with a sound quality and design.

Customer reviews / Best price on TASCAM TM-2X


16. Nikon ME-1 Unidirectional Stereo Microphone for DSLR Video Cameras

Nikon ME-1 Unidirecrional Stereo Microphone

The release of the Nikon ME-1 microphone is the next step in Nikon’s desire to expand the video shooting capabilities. When Nikon designing the ME-1 microphone, they took into account the needs of DSLR camera users. So Nikon ME-1 equipped with a vibration suppression mechanism that eliminates unwanted operational noise that may occur during autofocusing. As a unidirectional microphone, it provides accurate unidirectional sound capture, which makes it possible to record exactly what you want to hear. To suppress noise, generated by external sources, you can use provided wind protection, and the high-pass filter provides additional control over low-frequency noise. In addition, you can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone using the camera’s menu to adjust the level of ambient and ambient noise. Nikon ME-1 is installed on the camera’s hot shoe and works on its power supply, the design provides comfortable shooting without a tripod. The compact body allows quick access to the viewfinder, and thanks to a convenient stop, the cord does not interfere with the shooting. Nikon ME-1 microphone compatible with all Nikon DSLR cameras and COOLPIX cameras equipped with a 3.5mm external microphone jack, also compatible with Canon DSLR camera models from 600D and higher. The Nikon ME-1 microphone comes with a windshield and a soft case.

Customer reviews / Best price on Nikon ME-1


15. RODE VideoMic GO SuperCardioid On-Camera Microphone

RODE VideoMic GO SuperCardioid OnCamera Microphone

Rode VideoMic GO is a shotgun microphone for cameras with supercardioid polar pattern and its designed for amateurs who want to have a better audio in videos. Unlike other microphones in the VideoMic series, the Rode VideoMic GO does not require batteries to operate and has no external adjustment elements. You don’t even have to turn on Rode VideoMic GO to use it. Just plug it in and shoot. This is the beauty of VideoMic GO. You get a high quality, directional microphone, without any difficulties. So you will not forget to turn off the microphone if it is connected, then it works. VideoMic GO is mounted on a Rycote Lyre shock mount, which blocks the noise from the camera. In addition, the microphone cable is fully independent from the microphone. If you damage a 3.5mm cable, you will not break the microphone and you will not need to have it repaired. Just pick up another 3.5mm cable and you’re back in business.

Note, however, that the Rode VideoMic GO requires a 2.5V power from the camera, its compatible with many cameras. However, it should be noted that it is not compatible with some popular cameras such as Nikon D7000 and Canon 550D, and 1100D. (Also, on the website of B&H it is stated that the microphone does not work with T3i, 7D and 5D Mark II. Rode answered that it is wrong, and the microphone is compatible with T3i, 7D, 5D Mark II). Before you begin to work, make sure that your camera has the power to supply the microphone through an output. With a frequency coverage of 100Hz – 16kHz, the microphone has a built-in cut-off of low frequencies. Frequencies below 100Hz, as a rule, are the buzzing of electrical components, devices and other trash, which you don’t want to hear on a recorded audio. So we recommend you to buy this mic as Rode company makes outstanding mics and its not last model by Rode in our list of best microphones for DSLR videocamera.

Customer reviews / Best price on VideoMic GO


14. Audio-Technica AT8004 Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone

Audio-Technica AT8004 Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone

Audio-Technica AT8004 is an omni-directional high-quality portable dynamic microphone designed for interviews and commenting of sports events. It combines excellent performance and comfort of using with an attractive appearance. A high quality is complemented by a durable anti-shock housing, which minimizes extraneous noise from the cable and housing, and enhanced grill which is perfect to use. Another use of this microphone is working in tandem with another microphone for removing stereo signal. A handle length suits for taking interviews and sports broadcasting, and for other situations where you need a microphone of medium length. An omni-directional diagram provides a uniform transmition of the sound from all points, eliminating the need for precise positioning of the microphone. The set includes a threaded adapter 5/8” – 3/8”, a holder for microphone stand and soft protective case.

Customer reviews / Best price on AT8004


13. Tascam DR-10SG OnCamera Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone with Recorder

Tascam DR-10SG Shotgun Microphone with Recorder

At NAB Show 2016, the company Tascam presented a single-channel solid state recorder with a shotgun microphone cannon DR-10SG designed for use with DSLR cameras. This budget model with OLED display has a very compact size and has a built-in mount for mounting on a standard “Shoe” of the camera. The new product allows you to record audio in WAV format (BWF) to the memory card microSD / SDHC or you can record audio directly to your camera via attenuator cable. Also Tascam DR-10SG provides some great features: microphone gain adjustment to make your recording louder or quiter; built-in low cut filter to reduce unwanted bass noises (120Hz cutoff); built-in limeter to prevent high input level frequencies and peaks; auto sound level setup; EQ filter for different scenarious (Natural, Standard, Interview, Field); bit-depth adjustment (16-bit / 24-bit); sample rate adjustment (44kHz or 48kHz); you can select recorded audio file type – mono or poly linear PCM (WAV/BWF) files; dual recording mode for recording your audio to SD card and at the same time to your video camera, which is very helpful feature for post production and editing stage; power saving option; automatic file closing prevents the loss of data before the battery runs out; you can monitor audio level with your headphones via 3.5mm jack. A power supply DR-10SG requires only one battery or rechargeable battery of AAA (the developer promises up to 8.5 hours of continuous operation from batteries by Evolta). The package includes: foam windscreen, attenuator cable and a special handle-mount, which carries the recorder with the microphone far ahead to avoid the appearance of the sounds of clicking buttons and buzzing of the autofocus on the recording.

Customer reviews / Best price on DR-10SG


12. Sony ECMAW4 Wireless Microphone

Sony ECMAW4 Wireless Microphone

The Sony ECMAW4 wireless microphone creates all the conditions for recording a high-quality and clear sound without distortion with a working range of up to 50 meters, so it is an extremely simple way to get a clean sound and not get confused in the wires. The device is compact and small in weight, which provides maximum convenience in video recording, storage and transport. The Sony ECMAW4 lightweight Bluetooth microphone is compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm line input for a microphone, whether it’s a video camera, a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera, a voice recorder, and so on. Clamp and manual bandage serve for reliable fixation on the wrist and clothing. The signal level adjustment function allows you to adjust the volume of the sound. The feedback function allows the presenter to receive feedback from the operator and communicate with each other at a distance before or after the video shooting. Also Sony ECMAW4 can be used with an external wired microphone as a transmitter. The provided headphones guarantee uninterrupted communication with the object during operation. The Sony ECMAW4 microphone provides high-quality audio without interference, which is performed wirelessly via Bluetooth. The presented system is supplied complete with wind protection and a branded bag for storage, power is supplied from one AA-size battery.

Customer reviews / Best price on Sony ECMAW4


11. Zoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone + Zoom H5, H6 Audio Recorder

Zoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone

Zoom SSH-6 is a microphone capsule of Mid-Side type, “shotgun”, which is an ultradirectional microphone for recording sound in the center, as well as a bidirectional side microphone that captures signal to the left and right. It allows you to record a fully mono compatible audio, which is perfect for film production and TV video projects. For example, you can record dialogue with the central microphone, and then add a necessary level of ambient sound recorded on the side microphone. You can do this immediately by using your Zoom recorder or at the stage of post-production. There is a gain control weel on the microphone housing. The main disadvantage of Zoom SSH-6 is that this microphone can be connected only to Zoom H5, Zoom H6 recorder or to Zoom Q8 video camera, so this lack will require extra money from you. But in pair with these devices Zoom SSH-6 provides perfect high quality sound. Also SSH-6 comes with hairy windscreen from the box. This microphone could get a higher position in our list of best microphones for DSLR video camera due to its terrific sound quality, but its too expensive as you need to buy optional devices.

Customer reviews / Best price on Zoom SSH-6


10. Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone

Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone

The Sennheiser company is known for its headphones, but the Sennheiser MKE 400 microphone deserves a special attention. The compact shotgun microphone MKE 400 is designed for use with video cameras. Due to its small size and light weight of 60grams, it is a perfect accessory for contemporary cameras. Sennheiser MKE 400 fits all camcorders and DSLR video cameras that are equipped with 3.5mm microphone input. It is in a same price category with Rode VideoMic Pro. They are different in size: the microphone from Sennheiser is slightly longer and offers the user up to 300 hours of operating time from 1 AAA battery. On microphones housing you can find “VOL” switch – “-” for recording audio on short distances and “+” for recording aduio on long distances. Also there is On/Off switch and if you’ll set the switch position on the middle – Sennheiser MKE 400 will reduce wind noise. LED indicator will show you battery charge status. So, if you want to have a good sound quality, this model is a great choice. Sennheiser MKE 400 has a fully metal case and a built-in anti-vibration shock mount.

Customer reviews / Best price on Senh MKE 400


9. Sennheiser MD 42 Handheld Dynamic Field Microphone

 Sennheiser MD42 Handheld Dynamic Microphone

Sennheiser MD 42 is also one of the most famous reporter’s microphones with an omnidirectional polar pattern. This model provides a high speech detailing, so it can be used for interviews and reports. Sennheiser MD 42 is designed to work in difficult conditions. It is worth noting design features of the microphone: they help to avoid issues with mechanical noise. The case is made of metal. A double layer capsule mesh made of black-colored steel. So Sennheiser MD 42 is not a cheap option and this microphone belongs to the middle price range and will suit to professional interviewers, reporters, TV shows, on-stage recording and for speech recording. Sennheiser MD 42 comes with plastic case for transporing and storage, and foam winscreen. If you have some questions about connecting this mic to your DSLR video camera (as Sennheiser MD 42 has XLR output) – you can read useful information in “Connection Features” section above.

Customer reviews / Best price on Senh MD 42


8. Shure VP83F LensHopper Camera-Mounted Condenser Microphone

Shure VP83F Condenser Microphone

SHURE VP83F is a compact on-camera condenser microphone. This microphone is able to make the audio quality very clear and detailed. The main feature of the model SHURE VP83F is an internal recorder, which allows you to record audio at 24-bit/48kHz. This model ignores any noise and can produce a high-quality recording, for example, in cars. Files are stored on a memory card MicroSD HC up to 32gb capacity. Also, this microphone is able to enhance sensitivity, to manage all the files and playback options. On the housing of SHURE VP83F you’ll find  On/Off button, Rec. button, LCD display and joystick. It is easy to configure, using a special five-position joystick and LCD display. With the use of joystick you can adjust microphones gain, to select low-pass filter, to adjust headphone volume, to playback your recorded files. LCD display shows you: recording status, battery capacity level, microphone’s gain level, headphone’s gain level, current time and recording timeline. The microphone has two 3.5mm jacks: they are made for connection with a video camera and headphones, so you can record audio directly on your video camera and at the same time on SD card, also to playback your audio with the use of heaphones. A power supply is performed from two batteries or rechargeable AA batteries. The operation time is about 10 hours in continuous mode. By the link below you can also find simplified version of this microphone SHURE VP83 without LCD display and without some features, but with the same microphone capsule and recording quality at lower price.

Customer reviews / Best price on Shure VP83F


7. RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote Condenser On-Camera Microphone

RODE Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote Condenser Microphone

Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote is perfect for working with DSLR cameras. This stereo microphone has two condenser capsules in XY stereo configuration and Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote has a built-in antivibration shock mount from Rycote Lyre (one of the best shock mounts in the world), which guarantees an excellent isolation from mechanical impacts. Also, it is worth saying about multi-strand cable which provides acoustical decoupling from the camera. On the back of the microphone, it is available a power control and switching of sensitivity, including a high pass filter at 75Hz. There is also a switch at -10dB, 0dB, +20dB, you can decrease a sensitivity of the microphone and work in a noisy environment. Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote powered with 9V battery. Package bundle includes only microphone itself and integrated windshield. By the link below you can also find a version of this microphone without Rycote Lyre shock mount at lower prie. So our editorial team highly recommend Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro as it has perfect sound quality, a lot of positive feedbacks from users and ‘Amazon Choice” status.

Customer reviews / Best price on Stereo VM Pro


6. Sennheiser MKE 440 Professional Stereo Shotgun Microphone

Sennheiser MKE 440 Stereo Shotgun Microphone

The German company Sennheiser has announced the release of a compact stereo microphone Sennheiser MKE 440 in 2016 which is designed for use with DSLR cameras. The novelty is based on the model of the Sennheiser MKE 400, but, unlike its predecessor, it consists of two directional miniature microphones connected in the shape of the letter “V”. According the developers, this configuration allows you to specifically record the sounds within the focus area of the camera, and all noises are cut off. On microphones’s housing there is On/Off switch, three position sensitivity adjustment and low-cut switch. Sennheiser MKE 440 is powered by two AAA batteries and has a flexible twisted cable with 3.5mm mini-jack for connection to the camera.

Customer reviews / Best price on Senh MKE 440


5. RODE Reporter + RODELink Newsshooter Kit

RODE Reporter and RODELink Newsshooter Kit 

The Australian company Rode have announced a new to its series of broadcast and AV products microphone Rode Reporter. A handheld Rode Reporter microphone is designed for interviews and presentations, it has an omnidirectional dynamic capsule that is specifically designed for maximum ease of use, without technical flaws, usually available at most omni-directional microphones. In addition, the frequency range of the microphone is made for optimal playback of a human voice, making it crystal clear which is perfect in almost any conditions. The microphone features a firm cast body of aluminum alloy with a matte black anti-reflective coating. An innovative multi-layer protective grid protects the microphone from environmental noise, accordingly, there is no need for a cumbersome foam windscreen. The microphone comes with a removable “flag“, on which it is easy to place a bright emblem of the company. Rode Reporter has a warranty of the manufacturer Rode for twelve-months warranty immediately after the purchase which can be easily and free extended up to ten years, you only should complete an online registration of the microphone on the official website of Rode.

We also would like to mention that Rode Reporter is combined with the system RODELink Newsshooter Kit, although it is possible to use any XLR MIC. At IBC 2015, it was announced a digital radio system RODELink Newsshooter Kit from the company Rode Microphones. The new model belongs to the next generation of digital wireless systems and is intended for journalists and reporters. This kit consists of a wireless transmitter TX-XLR (you can connect any microphone with an XLR connector) and the on-camera receiver RX-CAM (the same receiver is used in the already released models RODELink Filmmaker Kit).

We list all of the RODELink Newsshooter Kit features:

  • Operation at 2.4 GHz band and 128-bit encryption
  • Wireless signal transmission at a distance up to 100 m
  • OLED display on the receiver displays a signal level of a selected channel and a battery status of both components of a radio system
  • Easy interfacing with one button
  • Receiver can be mounted on a standard “shoe” of a camera or on a screw mount of 3/8”, it can also be clipped to a belt
  • Three-step gain adjustment on the receiver
  • Transmitter has a headphone output for signal monitoring, and there is a +48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Powered by two AA batteries or via micro-USB port
  • TX-XLR transmitter can be powered from the battery of Sony NP-F
  • Extended warranty with product registration on the Rode’s website
RODE Reporter Omnidirecrional Mic
RODELink Newsshooter Kit Wireless System


4. Azden SMX-30 Stereo/Mono Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone

Azden SMX-30 Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone

In the top five microphones of our list of the best microphones for DSLR cameras, we have included the Azden SMX-30 shotgun microphone which is handcrafted in Japan. Azden SMX-30 was awarded as a best microphone for DSLR video cameras in 2016. So this microphone model provides perfect sound quality and has wide frequency response from 40Hz to 20kHz. The microphone is powered by two AA batteries (also there is a LED indication of the battery charge) and has 3.5mm jack cable for connection to mic input of your video camera. On the microphone body there are adjustments of the sound parameters: Stereo / Mono recording mode switch, three positions of the sound level adjustment (-10db, 0db, + 20db), low frequency cut off switch to prevent unwanted basses in your sound. Also Azden SMX-30 is equipped with anti-vibration shock shoe mount and it has optional foam windscreen from the package. So for its money you’ll get a professional microphone for DSLR camera with perfect price/quality ratio.

Customer reviews / Best price on Azden SMX-30


3. Rode SVMX Videomic X Stereo Cardioid On-Camera Microphone

Rode SVMX Videomic X Microphone

Rode Videomic X get third position in our list of best microphones for DSLR video camera as it is the best stereo microphone in the world for your camera, and Rode Videomic X is upper mic model from stereo microphones lineup by Rode company. At the annual IBC show in Amsterdam, Rode introduced the new SVMX VideoMic X stereo microphone. The Rode Videomic X has a ½ “condenser capsule borrowed from the Rode NT4 model and installed in the XY configuration, using the Lyre suspension system from the Rycote, which reduces unwanted noise when shooting. New foam windscreen provides protection from noise and is made in the style of Blimp. Rode Stereo VideoMic X can be powered from 9-volt battery (work up to 30 hours) and from 48V phantom power. To connect this microphone to video camera, there is a mini XLR connector on the back of the microphone, which allows you to connect the microphone to professional video cameras. Next to its a 3.5mm mini-jack for connecting to DSLR cameras and conventional video cameras. The Rode Videomic X has switches to improve the sound quality. Increasing the high frequency (High Frequency Boost) allows you to increase the high frequencies when using a microphone with a windproof. The three high pass filter positions of 0,75, and 150Hz (High Pass Filter) help avoid unwanted low-frequency noise such as street noise and air conditioning systems. The volume control has three stages (-10, 0, +20 dB): -10 dB for recording loud sound sources, raising the level by +20 dB to record a clear signal to the video / camera. In the kit with the microphone there is a standard ball-shaped wind protection made of polyurethane foam (with a thermoplastic frame) and a 3.5 mm Rode SC2 cable.

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2. Sennheiser EW 112P G3 Wireless Lavalier Microphone System for Camera

Sennheiser EW 112P G3 Wireless Lavalier Microphone

The “Silver” place in our top 20 best microphones for DSLR camera list our editorial team assigned to Sennheiser EW 112-p G3 as its industry standard wireless radio system for professional video production. The microphone radio system Sennheiser EW 112P G3 suits for video recording, theatre performances, presentations, TV Shows, interviews etc. The lavalier microphone ME 2 is almost unnoticeable on clothing and provides outstanding sound quality. A bodypack transmitter SK 100 G3 and a miniature receiver EK 100 G3 provide nine frequency banks with four presets of direct access, each of which is ready for immediate work. The set of Sennheiser EW 112-p G3 differs from Sennheiser EW 122-p G3 by microphone only. It uses the microphone ME 2 of circular polar pattern, unlike ME 4 in EW 122-p G3, which has a cardioid directivity. – 1440 tunable UHF frequencies to avoid interference and provide a clear reception. Absolutely reliable transmission and extended range provided by a high power of RF output – a suppression of the pilot tone that eliminates RF interference when you turn off the power of the transmitter. Sennheiser EW 112-p G3 provides auto scan to search for available frequencies in all frequency bank. Firm metal housings of receiver and transmitter provides great durability. The transmitter has a user-friendly menu on display with backlight. Here are some useful features: a lock Function (Lock) to prevent unauthorized change of parameters and a function of mute (Mute) for transmitter. Expanded system HDX for noise reduction provides crystal-clear sound. The transmitter and receiver are equipped with indicators of “Low Battery” (battery is empty). Cables Jack and XLR for any type of equipment are included.

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1. RODE VideoMic Pro Compact On-Camera Shotgun Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shockmount

RODE VideoMic Pro Shotgun Microphone

The first place in our top 20 list of best microphones for DSLR video camera we assigned to Rode VideoMic Pro as this mic has perfect price / quality ratio and amazing sound quality, also this microphone model is bestseller all over the worls. Anyone who had ever tried to shoot video on a camcorder or DSLR experienced a poor sound quality from a built-in microphone. Rode VideoMic Pro solves this issue once and for all. Through its compactness, it looks natural at small camcorders, DSLR and mirrorless (or DIL) cameras, it does not tilt the balance or bring inconvenience. Rode VideoMic Pro is a true narrow directional shotgun microphone without any compromises. It is based on a half-inch condenser capsule that provides a broadcast quality of audio. Supercardioid polar pattern allows you not to worry about any extraneous sounds in an audio. In addition to the native dynamic range (40Hz-20kHz), there is a switchable low-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 80Hz. A control of the filter is from the back of the microphone, there are also switches of the attenuator (-10dB and +20dB) and power. A setting of the attenuator at +20dB is designed to reduce a sensitivity of the preamp, built-in DSLR camera, as its quality is usually poor, and reducing its sensitivity reduces noise.

The output of an audio stream is performed by using a mini jack of 3.5 mm and the left and right channels are identical mono material. The microphone mounts on a standard shoe for flash, a mounting stand with a thread of 3/8″ is available as well. It is powered from a 9V battery; the operating time is approximately 70 hours. Rode VideoMic Pro has an integrated anti-vibration Rycote Lyre system in comparison with a basic model, which isolates physically the microphone from unwanted vibration and noise in an audio stream. Constructed from a single piece of thermoplastic material, a suspension provides a superior level of vibration absorption compared to traditional solutions based on elastic materials. It is not subjected to wear and stretching. So Rode VideoMic Pro is one of the best microphones for DSLR video camera and camcorders.

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+Bonus (Microphones for DSLR Video Camera which were not Included in the Main List, but Deserve Your Attention)

Sennheiser AVX: a wireless microphone system for video cameras and DSLR

Sennheiser AVX Wireless Microphone System

On microphone market in 2015 appeared digital radio system AVX from Sennheiser, designed for use with camcorders and DSLR video cameras. On approval of the developer, the Sennheiser AVX perfectly suits for shooting news reports, documentaries or commercials, lectures, professional videos for YouTube etc. Sennheiser AVX operates at 1.9GHz range that does not require licensing and is an ultimately easy to work with. Here are some main features: durable metal housing of receiver and transmitter, automatically selects working frequencies (so this feature allows you to make very fast setup – Plug & Play), automatic audio level control, receiver plugs directly to XLR input, also includes XLR to 3.5mm cable adapter for DSLR video cameras. Sennheiser AVX was not included in our main list of best microphones for DSLR video camera as these wireless systems are too expensive, and will suit only for professionals. So if you have enough money and you want to get high end wireless system, which you can easily to setup – it’s your choice.

Sennheiser AVX radio system is available in different configurations:

  • AVX Handheld Set (AVX-835 Set) with a hand transmitter at the base of the handheld microphone capsule of Sennheiser Evolution Series
  • AVX Lavalier Set (AVX-ME2 Set) with a beltpack transmitter and Sennheiser ME2 Lavalier Microphone
  • AVX Lavalier Pro Set (AVX-MKE2 Set) with a belt transmitter and professional lavalier microphone Sennheiser MKE2 Lavalier Microphone
  • AVX Combo Set with wireless Handheld microphone and Sennheiser ME2 Lavalier Microphone with transmitter
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Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone for DSLR Cameras and Camcorders

Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphon

We didn’t include the Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun microphone in our main list of best microphones for DSLR video camera and Camcorders, because, unfortunately we didn’t have enough space for it. But we strongly recommend Sennheiser MKE 600 to you, and you should to pay attention to this mic, as it is one of the best microphones among the “Shotgun Line” of Sennheiser microphones. The Sennheiser MKE 600 microphone is designed for use with video cameras indoor and at the street, as well as there is a foam windscreen that will protect the microphone from moisture, wind, unwanted noise during bad weather. High quality construction and microphone capsule ensures that unwanted sounds outside the directional axis (from the sides and from the rear) will be reliably blocked. The influence of structural noise and blowing is minimized thanks to the Low Pass filter (you can find this switch button on the microphone housing). The microphone can receive power from a 48V phantom source and an AA type battery (provides up to 150 hours of operation). Sennheiser MKE 600 has XLR output, so to connect to your DSLR camera you will need an XLR adapter or XLR to 3.5mm microphone cable. Package bundle includes microphone itself, shoe mount holder and foam windscreen. So we highly recommend this microphone to professional video reporters, movie makers and to everyone who want to get high quality professional shotgun microphone.

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Audio-Technica AT8024 Stereo/Mono Shotgun Microphone

Audio-Technica AT8024 Shotgun Microphone

Unfortunately, we did not include the Audio-Technica AT8024 microphone model in our main list of best microphones for DSLR video camera, since this model is not very popular among videographers and video recording industry, but we still decided to mention this microphone because it has very good sound quality and a lot of positive feedback from users + this mic comes with a foam windscreen and fur windscreen from the box. Audio-Technica AT8024 is a condenser shotgun microphone with a length of 172 mm, designed for mono and stereo recording of high resolution. The choice of linear cardioid mono mode and internal matrix stereo modes give the flexibility to switch from a single recording source to a wider area. Audio-Technica AT8024 is also equipped with a three-way selectable attenuator (-20dB, -10dB, 0dB) to capture even the loudest sounds without distortion: the maximum input sound pressure level is 128dB. A switchable low-pass filter eliminates unwanted background noise, natural room reverberation and various mechanical disturbances caused by the equipment itself. Power to the microphone comes from one AA battery (up to 80 hours of battery life), and there is also a shoe for the camera. In the box you will find foamed windscreen AT8124, fur windscreen AR8124F and AA battery. The length of the twisted non-detachable cable is up to 1 meter.

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Rode VideoMic Condenser Directional Microphone with Rycote Lyre Mount

Rode VideoMic Shotgun Microphone

We did not include the Rode VideoMic microphone in our main list of best microphones for DSLR video camera, as this is one of the very first microphones in the line of on-camera microphones from Rode and in a few years there have appeared quite a few more advanced models of microphones, about which you can read in our main list above. But the Rode VideoMic still deserves to be mentioned and this microphone is also an excellent solution for those who have $ 150 in their wallet.

Rode VideoMic is suitable for use on any camcorders that have a standard pad for accessories (the “shoe”) and a 3.5mm diameter mic jack input. The microphone is equipped with the best in the world shock-resistant suspension Rycote Lyre. It reliably protects the Rode VideoMic from unwanted vibrations and shaking, eliminates noise from touching hands or cables. In situations with increased noise, it is also recommended to use a low-pass filter, which effectively removes unwanted noise. This will slightly change the tone of the sound, but in some cases this measure is extremely necessary.

The filter switch is located in the back of the microphone and has 3 positions:

  • Top: The microphone is On. The filter is On, all frequencies below 80Hz are cut out
  • On: The microphone is On. Filter is Off
  • Off: The microphone is Off

A battery indicator is located opposite the filter switch. When you turn on the microphone, it flashes red for a fraction of a second, then – with a sufficiently charged battery – should be green. When the battery is depleted, the indicator turns red, warning you to replace the battery. With a red indicator, the microphone can work for about an hour, though with reduced capabilities. Rode VideoMic operates on a standard 9V battery (ANSI: 1604A or IEC: 6LR61). Alkaline or lithium batteries are recommended for continuous operation. For example, with an alkaline battery, Rode VideoMic can run for over 100 hours without interruption.

In the battery compartment there is a sensitivity limiter switch with three positions:

  • Both toggle switches on the left (0dB): sensitivity is unlimited
  • Upper toggle switch on the left, lower right (-10dB): Sensitivity reduced by 10dB
  • Upper toggle switch on the right, bottom left (-20dB): Sensitivity reduced by 20dB
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BOYA BY-WM8 Dual-Channel Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

BOYA BY-WM8 Lavalier Microphone System

BOYA BY-WM8 wireless microphone model was not included in our main list of best microphones for DSLR camera, as we already have a separate article dedicated to the best lapel microphones. BOYA BY-WM8 has a good sound quality, which can even be compared with expensive wireless systems, so it deserves to be mentioned in this article. In this kit, it is possible to record audio directly from two lavalier microphones, which greatly extends the shooting capabilities. The kit includes a receiver that has two antennas and two transmitters, each of which transmits sound from the lavalier to its antenna of the receiver (right or left). BOYA BY-WM8 wireless system is ideal for camcorders, DSLR and mirrorless video cameras, as well as for recording sound on recorders such as Zoom and Tascam. Transmitter and receiver are lightweight and compact in size, equipped with informative displays with a simple and intuitive menu, which makes use of BOYA BY-WM8 quite convenient and comfortable in the compartment. This is an excellent option for video blogs and video reviews on YouTube, as well as for recording interviews and training videos. Value for money significantly wins the competition (for example, compared to Sennheiser systems). All devices of this wireless set powered by AA batteries (two batteries for each device). Due to compactness, low weight and easy attachment, the transmitters are easily masked under clothing and do not interfere with movement at all. Package bundle includes: receiver, 2x transmitters, 2x lavalier microphones, 2x windscreens, stereo cable with 3.5mm mini plug, output cable with XLR connector, 2x clip holder for microphone, 2x clip on belt, shoe mount adapter, instruction. You can also look at the link below for the younger BOYA BY-WM6 and BOYA BY-WM5 models that have a good price / quality ration, and can be an excellent option in a limited budget situation.

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